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Fast-food joints and Take-away

Some of the vegetarian options for office goers/ occasional tourist are here below. We continually update this page as more such joints get added to the Parisian landscape.

pomme de pain



A chain of take-away and trendy lunch joints dotting different areas of Paris such as the 'Printemps', Stock exchange, near the Louvre, Madeleine etc. A favourite with the office-goers and a delight for vegetarians alike, Cojean offers a wide variety of soups, salads, sandwiches and desserts to promote healthy eating. The salads start from 3.20€, vegetarian salads from 2.90€, sandwiches from 2.80€, vegetarian pasta from 3.40€, vegetarian lasagna at 8.70€ and desserts from 1.90€ onwards, among others.
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Another trendy take-away/ salad bar offer with 14 joints in and around Paris, to date. Their speciality is to make you a 'salad on order'. You pay for what you choose to put in your salad which offers a selection of 6 'bases' (beetroot, greens, spinach, organic pasta,...), 42 'ingredients' (tomatoes, avocado, cheese, chicken, carrots, ...) and 8 sauces. This allows you to concoct your salad with the ingredients you prefer. In addition, there is a choice of vegetarian soups (carrot-coriander, curry-lentils, French beans-parmesan, tomato-apple-ricotta, vegetable, zucchini-ricotta,...), salted pies (ricotta-cherry tomatoes, aubergine-bell pepper,...), wraps and desserts among others. As per their claim, more than 50% of the ingredients are either organic or controlled and the supply chain allows the veggies to remain fresh. Some of these joints are open only around lunch. One can pre-order on internet. Salads start from 2.60€ for the bare minimum.
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Similar to 'jour' in concept and offer, if we may be impertinent to add, there are only two 'Calm' joints as on date in the 8th district, at a stone's throw from the Champs Elysées. In addition to the salad where you can choose the ingredients you want from rice, pasta, greens, raw vegetables, cheese, sauces, olives, herbs, seasoning etc., one might find vegetarian salted pies such as goat cheese-leek (chèvre-poireaux), courgette-feta-pesto (feta & pesto with zucchini) too. There are hot soups, breads and desserts for the gourmand. During rush hour, one can avoid the queues by pre-ordering. Salads start from 2.70€ for the bare minimum, soups from 4.50€, breads from 0.40€, salted pies at 5€ and desserts from 2.60€ onwards.
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A chain of Belgian food joints with accent on natural and organic products with respect for health, environment and sustainable development. There are quite a few Exki joints in Paris:

9, boulevardd des Italiens, 75002 Paris
Tel: +33 (0) 33 1 42 61 06 52
Metro: Richelieu Druot (Line 8, 9)
Open from Monday to Saturday from 08:00 AM- 10:30 PM

118 Avenue de France, 75013 Paris
Tel: +33 (0) 1 57 27 01 25
Metro: Bibliothèque François Mitterand (Line 14)
Open everyday except Sunday from 08:00 AM (09:00 AM on Saturdays)- 09:00 PM

82, Bd Montparnasse , 75014 Paris
tel: +33 (0) 1 42 18 13 27
Metro: Montparnasse- Bienvenue (Line 4, 6, 12, 13)
Open everyday from 08:00 AM (09:00 AM on Saturday and Sundays)- 10:30 PM -11:00 PM on Saturdays & 10:00 PM on Sundays)

Exki Aérogare 2E, 2F & S3
Aéroport de Roissy Charles de Gaulle, 95716 Roissy CDG
Tel: +33 (0) 1 74 25 29 17

Website of Exki


Kosher Pizza

11 Rue Des Rosiers, 75004 Paris
Tel : +33 (0) 1 48 87 17 83
Metro: Saint Paul - Le Marais (Line 1)
Note: Jewish Pizza joint. Vegan options available.



  • A favourite of office-goers and students like, bakeries offer a great choice of sandwiches, mini pizza and small salted pies for non-vegetarians. For vegetarians, the choice (eg. a tomato-mozzarella sandwich or a margarita cheese mini pizza) may be either limited or non-existent depending on the bakery. One has to compete with a queue especially around lunch time. The fare is usually freshly prepared and can cost between 3 to 7 Euro.
  • A visit to a bakery is not complete without trying one of those famous French pastries. Costing anything between 2 Euro to 8 Euro, these delicious prided concoction of French expertise will make you come back for more.
  • A word of caution though for those who do not eat eggs. Available salted 'vegetarian' pies such as leek pie (tarte aux poireaux/ quiche poireaux) might have been made with the base of eggs and cream. French desserts are almost always prepared with some proportion of eggs. There are some pastries/ cakes that may even contain a small amount of liqueur, brandy, whiskey or rhum. If you do not take either eggs or alcohol, it is better to verify with the baker for the presence of these items before buying.
  • If you are allergic to nuts, lactose products or gluten, it is recommended to check for ingredients with the baker.


Buying ready-to-eat dishes at the Super Markets

  • Most of the supermarkets have sections where one can find ready-made sandwiches, salads etc. These cost around 3-4 Euro. Be sure to check the ingredients. (Poulet is chicken, Jambon is meat).Some usual offers for salad are grated carrot with seasoning, grated celery, beetroot, mushrooms à la grecque (greek style mushrooms in aromatic tomato sauce, marinated vegetables etc.
  • Some bigger department stores (Auchan, Carrefour, Monoprix etc.) usually have a take-away section called Traiteur (pronounced 'trayter'). One can usually find a fairly good variety of pasta, pizza and other freshly prepared ready-to-eat dishes for around 4-8 Euro.
  • If you are buying cakes, biscuits or cookies from a super market, you can verify the presence of eggs in ingredients by looking for 'oeufs' on the package information.


Frozen food

For those who are staying in Paris for a longer duration, at an apartment, apartment hotel etc., buying ready-to-eat frozen food is a cost-effective option. While almost all super markets offer a section of frozen food, for a greater choice, leading frozen food store chain 'Picard' is recommended. There is an excellent variety of entrées, main dishes in addition to the desserts. These are ready-to-eat after defrosting and/ or microwaving.

A Picard 'surgélé' (frozen, pronounced 'surzhaylay', 'u' here is pronounced as in 'coup') store can be located following this link (click on top right link "Trouver un magasin"). Although the site is in French, one just needs to write the zip code (eg. 75016) to find a store closer to one's location.



  • For vegetarian sandwiches, in addition to those listed above, Italian restaurants with take-away and/ or Italian fast food joints are the safest bet. One may find a 'panini'/ sandwich stuffed with mozzarella cheese, lettuce leaves and sliced tomatoes.
  • At fast food joints like McDonald's or Quick's, do not confuse the 'Cheese burger' for a vegetarian burger. In addition to cheese, it usually has a patty of minced ham or beef in it (a replacement for vegetable-potato steak in its Indian equivalent). At these places, It is usual for the salads to have chicken portions or meat cubes. The oil source (vegetable/ animal fat) for French fries is not confirmed either.
  • Some McDonald's serve beer too.
  • If the frozen items you are buying are not for ready consumption or you are planning to to keep in the freezer for a few days, you may like to buy an Isothermal bag- called 'Sac Isothermique'- an insulated bag to keep things at the original temperature for longer duration. It is available for 50 cents or 1 Euro, depending on the super market. This insulated bag allows you to carry the provisions without defrosting especially if the store is located at a distance from your place.