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Click on the left hand side menu to find a list of places offering dishes suitable for the Indian palate. For vegetarians and vegans, a separate list of French/ International speciality restaurants is provided.

Useful Tips:

  • When placing the order, you could ask for a carafe d'eau (tap water in a jug, pronounced 'karaaf doh') instead of bottled water. In Paris, tap water is mostly potable, and will be offered free of charge in restaurants. A bottle of water could cost an additional 3-4 Euro depending on the restaurant.
  • It is not necessary, though preferable, to leave a tip to the waiting staff. Service tax is already included in the total amount.
  • If rewarding a tip, the acceptable norm is around 10 percent of the total amount of the bill.
  • In Indian restaurants, 'Menu' are usually structured- samosa/ pakora/ bhajia as an entrée, one main dish with rice or naan, kheer / sooji halwa/ gulab jamun as the dessert, served in courses. The price of the menu varies from restaurant to restaurant, depending on the expertise of the chef, location, ambience etc. etc.
  • For a quick bite, one can order dishes 'à la carte' (from the Menu Card).
  • papads are generally served, in Indian restaurants, before or after you place your order. They are free of charge unless you place an order for papad along with the dishes.
  • An average meal at a restaurant, exclusive of bottled water or wine, could cost around 10-15 Euro for lunch and 15-20 Euro for Dinner during weekdays.
  • Some restaurants do not offer the fixed 'Menu' on weekends which is otherwise available on weekdays.

Additional guidelines about using French in restaurants are provided in the section "Using French in restaurants" of this site.