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Improve Your Written French

Improve Your Written French

How many times has it been that you were confident of your written French, for informal or formal purpose ? If it is any assurance, it helps to know that even native French are likely to make grammatical and spelling errors just as well as the non-native Francophones or foreigners.


Now, there is an online resource that is aimed at helping people improve their written French, clear their doubts and appreciate French language.


'Orthonet' is the brainchild of International Advisory of the French Language- Conseil international de la langue française (CILF). Since 1979, CILF had been toying with the idea of having a data base of French words in their grammatical and spelling context. Their service programme 'Orthotel' (spelling by telephone), adopted by France Telecom in 1989, has had more than 300,000 calls. This served as the base for the website with more than 15 years of public service and the goal of catering to an international audience. Some thirty years later after the idea, the website 'Orthonet' contains more than 25,000 words out of the 'normal' French dictionary that contains 60,000 words.


The principal is to treat all the questions and doubts regarding French language, facilitate the use of French, resolve difficulties that the Francophone and non Francophone users encounter most often, especially in writing, and to enrich the image and use of French language. The services, that are essentially free, are lexicon, conjugation, accents, grammatical context, etymology, feminisation of titles, questions-answers, vocabulary, clearing of doubts etc. in addition to games and documentation.


In their search engine, one can type a word on which there is doubt provided only one word is typed at a time, there is atleast a phonetic resemblance to the word (eg. 'muzik' for 'musique'). For other difficult questions, use the service 'messagerie' that claims to respond to you in 24 hours.

Website of Orthonet