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Calling a telephone number 'surtaxé' ?

Calling a telephone number 'surtaxé' ?

If you are calling a telephone number that is 'surtaxé'- that surcharges 0.15 euro or more in addition to the local call rate- this is what you need to know in order to protect your interests.


Since January 1st, 2010, as per an 'Arrêté du 10 juin 2009 relatif à l’information sur les prix les appels téléphoniques aux services à valeur ajoutée', all telephone numbers that surcharge a cost to the caller, have to start with a message informing the caller about the part of the call that is 'charged extra'. This message that can be heard at the beginning of the call has to be free and has to last not less than 10 seconds.


In France, more and more enterprise employ telephone numbers, that need a consumer to call the after-sales service, assistance, hotline, or even to place an order and these calls are surcharged. The cost varies as per the telephone number. Most of these phone-numers start with 08 digit. Some of these numbers have a surname for example, a numéro vert (or green number) that starts with 0800. A numéro vert is free and is usually emplyed by public service or charitable institutions. A numéro Azur (Azur number) starts with 0810; a numéro indigo with 08020/25 etc.


For the telephone numbers that are 'surcharged', there are two components for their charges: base tariff and tariff per minute. Base tariff is slilghtly lower than the tariff per minute. For example If calling a telephone number 0820123456 (that indicates a base tariff of 0.12€/ mn & 0.15€/ mn for call) during 3 minutes, you will be charged 0.12x1 mn+ 0.15x2 mn. The meter for these calls is charged every second. So even if your call lasts a few seconds, it still costs you money.


It has to be borne in mind that these 'surcharges' mentioned are applicable when calling using a standard land-line. These costs may increase if using a mobile phone to call such numbers or using an operator that their own increased tariff for these numbers.


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