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Taxi fares increased from 1st Jan 2010

Taxi fares increased from 1st Jan 2010

Starting 1st January, the taxi fares have been increased by 1.2% on the existing fare structure, as per a public service release by the French governement.


The structure of the taxi fare that the passenger pays has three components: taking the taxi (this fare is fixed when using the taxis and this fare is indicated on the meter when hiring the taxi), tariff per kilometer (this varies depending on the time of the day: night or day) and the waiting charges (it substitutes tariff per kilometer in case of traffic jam or asking the taxi to wait). 


However the three components, even after fare increase by 1.2%, do not have to exceed 3.36 euros for taking the taxi, 0.92 euros per kilometer, and 30.93 euros per hour for waiting or slow movement in case of traffic jam. 


One must also bear in mind that there may be further addition to taxi fare in specific cases such as taking the taxi on a snowy road where special equipments are required for the run (chains or winter tyres etc.); at airports, train stations or ports etc.; and additional fare for a 4th adult, animal or baggage charges. The charges for these must be asked for before hand in order to avoid disputes later.


All taxis are not equipped to accept payment by credit cards, debit cards or other international bank cards. One must check with the driver for payment options before hiring a taxi. The passenger can also ask for a receipt from the driver for the charges incurred.