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Paris with Apple

Paris with Apple

Living in or visiting Paris and own an I-Phone or I-Pod touch ? Apple is making your life simpler with its user-friendly utilitarian applications that one can download on to the I-Phone and I-Pod touch whether it is for looking up the nearest Metro or bus stations, or for using public transport system or even pedestria or car  itineraries, for translating French texts into a language you understand better or for finding out the nearest restaurant or a famous monumet, even your location using GPS and compass. Most of these applications are available for free or at a nominal charge of less than 1 €.


Applications such as 'RATP Lite: Métro & Bus Paris Officiel' 'Métro-Paris' etc. are available help the visitor to find out the itinerary, localisation of the nearest metro stations, find out the traffic for metro, RER trains and buses in real time for RATP- the Parisian transport network. RATP applications for I-Phone and I-Pod touch are officially licensed by RATP- the Paris public transport network. 'RATP lite' is available for free and is available in English and French. 'RATP premium' costs 0.79€ and is also available in both English and French. The applications can be downloaded from Apps Store on iTunes. 


'Paris à Pied' application is available for free in French language and can be used for pedestrian itineraries in Paris. 'Boussole GPS' or 'compass GPS' helps you to locate your position with the GPS technology and an integrated digital compass. It is available for 0.79 €. 'Compass Free' by Masayuki Akamatsualso available for free and is a measuring instrument to indicate the cardinal points under the sunlight. Application 'Mappy' is also available for free and is a particularly helpful tool for finding itineraries anywhere and is available in English and French.


Application 'Free Translator' from Codesign is available for free. Available in English, this application can translate your text using Google Translate in any of these languages English, French, Hindi, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Vietnamese etc, both ways.  It needs i-Phone 3rd Generation.


The French Yellow Pages- 'Pages Jaunes' are also available for free and is available only in French. Using the function 'around my position'/ 'autour de ma position', one can find out the dentist, florist or any other professional nearest to one's own location.


Getting lost in Paris was never this easy !