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Strike to affect train network

Strike to affect train network

Starting 08:00 PM on Monday, October 19th, train transport in the SNCF network will be affected for 20 hours as per SNCF website.

In Ile de France, RER traffic will be perturbed on different lines. RER A and E will function normally whereas on RER B (1 train out of 2), RER C (2 trains out of 3) and RER D (3 trains out of 4) will run. Trains between La Verrière and La Défense will also be normal.

Monday, October 19th

No trains for destinations of Irun, Vintimille and Luxembourg

Train Artésia (France-Italy) and night train Allemand (France-Germany) will have normal service. Train Elipsos (France-Spain) will also run normally except Elipsos 274 and 372

Nationally, there won't be any traffic on Corail Lunéa.

Tuesday, October 20th

International network of Eurostar, Thalys, TGV Lyria (Paris-Zurich, Paris-Geneva, Paris-Lausanne and Paris-Bern) will be normal. TGV Alléo (France-Germany) and TGV Artésia (France-Italy) will also run normally. There would not be any circulation for the day time Talgo train (France-Spain).

National network of TGV to or from Paris will be disturbed. TGV Nord (2 TGV out of 3), TGV Sud-Est (1 out of 2), TGV Atlantique (1 out of 2) and TGV province to province (1 out of 2) will be running. TGV Est will be normal. 

There will be 1 out of 2 Téoz Trains and 1 out of Intercités Trains.

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By Telephone

for TGV and TER : Toll free number 0805 90 36 35*.

For Transilien network: 0805 700 805*

(free from most land lines in France except special charges according to respective operators)

By SMS: 4 10 20 (SMS charges as per operator + 0.05€ TTC). Send the station name by sms to receive real time information.

By Internet

Website of Transilien

Website of SNCF

Website of TER