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Bi-annual Sales Starting Jan 7th

Bi-annual Sales Starting Jan 7th

The much awaited Winter Sale at the end of the festive season will start in and around Paris on Wednesday, 7th Jan, 2009. You can look for the sign 'Soldes', which in French means 'Sale', on the show windows.

On for six weeks, one can benefit from progressive deductions, from 20%, 50% to even 70% in the last few days of the Sales.

A hit with Parisians and tourists alike, the bi-annual sale sees high end boutiques, department stores, home, accessories and fashion items with 'demarked' prices. The reduced prices are generaly marked on the item.


The rush at stores is incredible as the collections (Autumn/ Winter 2008 for Jan sale, for example) go on reduced price- for clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. One can even buy furniture, electronic items, books, music, DVDs etc during such Sale. Almost all the stores dealing with such merchandise participate in the Sale.



Items usually bought under 'Sale' are not liable for reimbursement or exchange. Electronic and electrical items, however, still benefit from 'guarantee' as applicable. It is advisable to check with the vendor/ store help before making any heavy duty purchase with price 'de-marked' in Sale. It is also recommended to keep the bills/ vouchers of 'big ticket' white/ electronic goods.

If you shop on the Internet, even during 'soldes' period, the items are covered with a 7-day 'retraction' period during which you can get reimbursed for a 'sale' item as well. One has to keep the fine print in mind. Specific conditions may apply to products eg. lingerie and personal hygiene products are not covered under 'return/ exchange' policy, as with a normal store. The additional transportation cost to return the product, in original packing and condition, is to be born by the buyer in most cases.

As an aware consumer, shopping can be fun, more so in Paris.

Go and Indulge!