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Improve Your Written French

How many times has it been that you were confident of your written French, for informal or formal purpose ? If it is any assurance, it helps to know that even native French are likely to make grammatical and spelling errors just as well as the non-native Francophones or foreigners.


Now, there is an online resource that is aimed at helping people improve their written French, clear their doubts and appreciate French language.

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Calling a telephone number 'surtaxé' ?

If you are calling a telephone number that is 'surtaxé'- that surcharges 0.15 euro or more in addition to the local call rate- this is what you need to know in order to protect your interests.


Since January 1st, 2010, as per an 'Arrêté du 10 juin 2009 relatif à l’information sur les prix les appels téléphoniques aux services à valeur ajoutée', all telephone numbers that surcharge a cost to the caller, have to start with a message informing the caller about the part of the call that is 'charged extra'. This message that can be heard at the beginning of the call has to be free and has to last not less than 10 seconds.

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Taxi fares increased from 1st Jan 2010

Starting 1st January, the taxi fares have been increased by 1.2% on the existing fare structure, as per a public service release by the French governement.


The structure of the taxi fare that the passenger pays has three components: taking the taxi (this fare is fixed when using the taxis and this fare is indicated on the meter when hiring the taxi), tariff per kilometer (this varies depending on the time of the day: night or day) and the waiting charges (it substitutes tariff per kilometer in case of traffic jam or asking the taxi to wait). 

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Christmas Shopping on Sundays

Need to do some Christmas shopping and have only weekends to do it ? Not a problem. There are quite a few department and speciality stores open to entertain holiday shoppers on Sundays too (6th, 13th and 20th) through out the better part of December. Some of these stores will be open on Sunday, the 27th December as well.

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Stolen Bikes ?

More than 400,00 bicycles are stolen each year in France as per FUBicy ((Fédération française des usagers de la bicyclette). The resulting theft may lead to some owners giving up buying a bike at all (23%), some buy a second hand (50%) or a new bike (25%). A small percentage of bike owners actually retrieve their bikes (2-3%)*. More than 1/3rd of the stolen bicycles are eventually found but they are not restored to their owners owing to lack of identification.

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