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Bernard Turle's latest book available on pre-order

Bernard Turle's latest book available on pre-order

Bernard Turle's book 'Une heure avant l'attentat' (One hour before the bombing) will be available in March 2011 with 'Promeneurs Solitaires' Editions. The book is a retelling of the author-photographer's experience of his Bombay stay in November 2008 and an essay on Indian geopolitics, spirituality and materialism.


Bernard Turle



"Blocked in an apartment in Bombay during three days of curfew in a part of the city during the bomb attacks of 26th-29th November, 2008, the narrator is particularly affected by the killings at the CST station, where he took photographs of passengers not long back. While the media is centered around the hostage situation in five star hotels, he mourns the simple men who have been killed at the station- symbol of a category of Indians who are victims of a new India. While the sporadic explosions reverberate not very far from his comfortable room offered by a friend, he has all the leisure to remember his trip in the sub-continent, on the backdrop of globalisation, favourable to some and imposed on the others."


The book will be available for 22€. Available on pre-order at 17€ before March 31st, 2011. Contact Bernard Turle on 04 94 28 41 06  or write to tartuga [at] wanadoo.fr