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Children's Animations this Christmas at Bercy Village

Children's Animations this Christmas at Bercy Village

At Bercy Village, animations for children are in order from December 18th-23rd, 2010 with reindeers, goblins, Mister Christmas and other characters in various shows in the illuminated Saint Emilion courtyard.


For Christmas, this year the Bercy Village will dress up with superposed structures and luminous balls to create a starlit and enchanted sky for the Saint Emilion Courtyard inspired by the graphic representation of constellations by Miro.


« Oukilé ? »

Saturday, December 18th from 02:30 PM- 04:00 PM

A Christmas tree, two reindeers and a goblin leave to search for Santa Claus. Will they find him ? Presented by Compagnie Melba & cie

« Melba et Lorgnon »

Sunday, December 19th from 02:30 PM- 04:00 PM

Melba and her friend on easyrisers and their happy and colourful wanderings in the Saint-Emilion courtyard. Presented by Compagnie Melba & cie


« Le Réveil des Vilains »

waking up of the villains

Monday, December 20th and Tuesday, December 21st from 02:30 PM- 04:00 PM

Three wooden toys are strolling in the streets. Three colourful boxes have jack-in-the-box with a sinister look, joking and in bad mood from time to time, they will make you laugh… Presented by Compagnie des frères Carton

« Mister Christmas »

Wednesday, December 22nd and Thursday, December 23rd from 02:30 PM- 04:00 PM

Jean-Claude Noël, called Mister Christmas, will heat up his snow boiler to take you in his fanstastic universe with magic and poetry. Presented by the Compagnie Pierre et le loup.


Bercy Village

Metro: Cour Saint-Émilion (Line 14)
Bus: 109, 111 (stop: Terroirs de France)/ 64 (stop: Dijon-Lachambaudie)
Open everyday from 11:00 AM- 09:00 PM
Restaurants are open everyday till 02:00 AM and the exhibitions in the Cour Saint-Emilion are also accessible till 02:00 AM.
Bercy village has restaurants, shopping boutiques, cinemas and even a gym.


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