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Christmas in Paris with Chilldren

Christmas in Paris with Chilldren

Christmas is a magical time of the year when the festive spirit permeates the winter air expectant with celebrations and joy. School vacations will allow children to benefit from various animations proposed in Paris for free.


Meet the Santa Claus. Apart from the occasional sight of Santa Claus in most of the Christmas markets in Paris, two not-to-be-missed encounters are at Disneyland Enchanted Christmas where Santa Claus has set up his village and children will be able to deposit their wish list for gifts. The other encounter, closer to Paris will be at the Maison de Alsace on the Champs Elysées where Santa will be present along with Saint Philomina to distribute gingerbreads to the children. This Christmas's attraction on the Champs Elysées will be the Santa Claus riding his sleigh with his reindeers up on a cable 40 meters above the ground.


Free Merry-go-round rides. Young or old, the merry-go-round makes one want to take a joy ride on one of those colourful wooden horses and relive childhood moments. For two weeks during Christmas vacations, children and adults will be able to enjoy free rides on merry-go-rounds in various locations of Paris.


Fun on Ice for free. The city of Paris offers a quite a few options for practising one's ice-skating skills or even acquiring them for free. This winter, Charléty Stadium, near Cité Universitaire, will have free animations on ice for nearly two weeks during the vacation period. Aimed at children from 3-16 years, there will be synthetic ice to skate on, animations, trampoline, luge, merry-go-round, vertical activities and even a winter garden spread over 350 sq.m. This can only be matched with the thrill of skating on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower. In addition, there will be two free rinks at Hotel de Ville Paris for adults and children.


Children's animations at Bercy Village. Meeting with reindeer, goblins, Mister Christmas and jack-in-the-box, Bercy Village promises free animations for children from December 18th-23rd. Accompanying grown-ups can enjoy various boutiques or restaurants in Saint Emilion courtyard that has been dressed this Christmas in Miro style.


Christmas Markets with animations. Ubiquitous with the festival scene, the Christmas Markets in Paris will offer a festive ambiance with wooden chalets selling hand made 'produits de terroir'- regional gastronomic products, decorations, gifts, food, wine etc with various animations. At Auteuil in particular, there would be jugglers, fanfare, acrobats, animations, workshops and spectacles for children. At the Champs Elysées, apart from the Christmas market, there are ice sculptures with the Ice Magic Exhibition. The exhibition is paying but the 'Promo Paris' ticket price of 5 euros is applicable for almost 4 weeks starting the last week of November. Other Christmas markets in Paris will be held at Place Saint Germain des Près, Place de la Nation, Trocadéro, Place Saint Sulpice, Parvis de la Gare Montparnasse, Gare de l'Est and Maison de l'Alsace. Entry to all Christmas markets and their related animations are free.


Giant Wheel at Concorde. Avail a panoramic view of Paris at the other end of the Champs Elysées Christmas market, at the Place de la Concorde where the giant wheel is installed for more than 2 months starting mid-November. Ticket prices are 10€/ adult and 5€/ children less than 10 years.


Culture Vultures. For those who wish to initiate their children into a multi-cultural world, the exhibition «Children's costumes, mirror of grown ups - Homage to Krishna Riboud» provides an opportunity for adults as well as children to discover new country, new traditions and to deepen their artistic and historic understanding of a civilisation. The exhibition entails an entry ticket except for the first Sunday of every month for the entire duration of the exhibition.


Sportive activities with professionals for children. For children between 9-16 years, the city of Paris is proposing sportive vacations with short courses in various sports such as badminton, tennis, rugby, basketball, swimming, trampoline, gymnastics and even hip-hop dance. The courses are paying with daily cost, including lunch, from 1.50€-17€ depending on respective family's revenues. Read more.