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On Line Directory Of Art For Students

Ministry of Culture and Communication has put together an on line directory of art and cultural institutions and services in different areas be it architecture, decorative arts, cinema, dance, literature, music, photography, theatre, painting or sculptur where one will be able to find commentary on more than 4000 works of art.


This directory is aimed at helping the students in their pedagogic research on works of art from different domains. A 'search result' will lead the students to different sites that have made the respective information available online for pedagogic use.



The directory can be accessed at different levels depending on the academic interest or requirements such as for high school, secondary or senior secondary school. Other interested amateurs can also do a 'search' on the works of art outside of pedagogic interest. One can refine the search based on the domain, the time period or key words or with other refined criterion such as city in which a particular piece of art can be found, editors of the resources etc.


The site is regularly updated by a dedicated team. It is practical and user friendly for parents and teachers to help children on their way to learning about different arts forms from an academic or amateur perspective.The resources of the referenced websites are edited by various national and public establishments including the museums, libraries etc. that preserve these works of arts and culture. This is expected to encourage the students to discover the richness of the artistic and cultural heritage and to further augment their knowledge at various institutions.