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New Tariff For School Canteens in 2010

New Tariff For School Canteens in 2010

The city of Paris has taken measures to better its canteen services offered at the municipal schools and colleges. Given the existing disparity in canteen tariffs depending on the district of Paris, the city council voted on 11th May 2010 to favour a tariff system more regulated and homogeneous across its various districts. However, 5 districts (6th, 8th, 15th, 16th & 17th) have boycotted the regulation and will continue their existing structure.


More than 65 million euros* are dedicated annually by the city of Paris to the canteen services of its educational institutions with the aim of assuring the nutritional quality of meal, informing parents and putting systems in place that allow to trace the chain of various ingredients. Each day more than 116 600 meals are served in various scholarly establishments of Paris city.


For the academic year 2009-2010, there were more than 1,37,000 students in public schools in Paris and around 1,18,000 students in city's various colleges and 'lycées'. Not all of these students avail of the canteen services that are payable according to a tier system based in the revenues of the family concerned. Depending on the district (arrondisement), there may be 4 to 8 such tiers that make the daily meals available to students from 0.13 €- 5€. However, prior to the 'reforms', for the same tier of revenues, the price per meal could cost from 1.59€ to 2.60€ depending on the district.


New Tier Structure

  1. Family quotient less than or equal to 234€/ month-  your child pays 0.13€/ meal
  2. Family quotient less than or equal to 384€/ month-  your child pays 0.84€/ meal
  3. Family quotient less than or equal to 548€/ month-  your child pays 1.59€/ meal
  4. Family quotient less than or equal to 959€/ month-  your child pays 2.24€/ meal
  5. Family quotient less than or equal to 1370€/ month-  your child pays 3.55€/ meal
  6. Family quotient less than or equal to 1900€/ month-  your child pays 4.52€/ meal
  7. Family quotient less than or equal to 2500€/ month-  your child pays 4.80€/ meal
  8. Family quotient more than 2500€/ month-  your child pays 5.00€/ meal


This new tier structure is applicable from 1st September 2010. Family quotient is calculated by dividing the totally monthly revenues by number of members in the family (one part per parent, one half/child upto 3 children). The family quotient at the beginning of the academic year will be taken into account for the rest of the year and will remain valid till 31st August, 2011. In order to get complementary information, telephone +33 (0) 1 56 95 21 34 put in place by the city of Paris.


Subscription to the canteen can be done through the school. Prior to the beginning to each academic session, and for renewal of subscriptions, the students are given the forms to be filled and submitted to the 'Caisse des Ecoles' along with the payment.These caisse des ecoles are twenty in number (one per district) and serve meals to more than 1,00,000 students each day in various city schools and leisure centres. The city of Paris, in turn, looks after the building, maintenance and modernisation of school canteens.The project PAI- projet d'accueil individualisé- takes care of allergies or specific dietary requirements of the students. Normally, the canteen staff is trained to handle first aid in case of crisis related to food.


*all figures and statistics in this article are taken from Paris municipality.