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Roller blading from the Eiffel Tower

Roller blading from the Eiffel Tower

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Greek born French resident Taïg Khris broke the world record of the highest free fall jump in rollers on May 29th, 2010 by jumping from the first floor of nothing other than the iconic Eiffel Tower for his own monumental feat. 


The previous record for the highest free fall jump in rollers was held by the American Danny Way for 8.53 meters. On May 29th, 2010 around 06:00 PM, Taïg Khris jumped from a platform situated on the first floor of Eiffel Tower. Adter having failed the first attempt, Khris succeded in the second one after a free fall of a 12.5 meters from a ramp located 40 meters from the ground and landing on a platform 10 meters from the ground. His achievement was applauded by thousands of fans who had gathered around the Eiffel Tower since the afternoon to watch his performance. 


Taïg Khris is 34 years old. He is three times world champion of rollers on the ramp. He has participated in 115 competitions of extreme sports in 75 of which he won the championship and won one medal or the other in the rest but six. Khris owns his own company Taîg Khris events based around the sports and spectacle of extreme sports.