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Summer Sale in Paris and the rest of France

Summer Sale in Paris and the rest of France

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The much awaited Summer Sale will start in and around Paris on Wednesday, June 30th, 2010. You can look for the sign 'Soldes', which in French means 'Sale', on the show windows. 


Bi-annual genuine sale, one can find articles on reduction from 20%, 50% to even 70%. Almost all utility and routine items go on sale from clothes, furniture, shoes, hand-bags, fashion accessories, electronics, home appliances, Consumers must bear in mind that certain articles bought during 'sale' period may not be applicable for refund or reimbursement. For on-line shopping, however, unless otherwise indicated, the items bought under 'soldes' are covered by a 7-day 'retraction' period from the date of shipping/ receipt. Specific conditions may apply to products eg. lingerie and personal hygiene products which are not liable for return/ exchange even off-sale period. 




Summer sale schedule as per department

June 30th- August 3rd, 2010: For Paris, sub-urbs and all other departments in metropolitan France and overseas except the following: 

Alpes de Haute Provence (4), Haute alpes (5), Alpes Maritime (6), Bouches-du-Rh√īnes (13), Corse du Sud (2A), Haute Corse (2B), Var (83), Vaucluse (84): July 7th- August 10th

Overseas department of Guadelope (971): September 25th- October 29th, 2010

St. Barthelemy/ St. Martin (971): October 9th- November 12th, 2010

Martinique (972),French Guinea (973): October 2nd- November 5th, 2010

La Réunion (974): 1st September- 5th November, 2010

Saint-Pierre et Miquelon (975): July 20th- August 23rd, 2010