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Funding for Short Films by the city of Paris

Funding for Short Films by the city of Paris

The city of Paris invites candidature of short films for funding for the year 2010.


In a bid to improve the declining figures for the production of short feature films, Paris encourages film makers and production houses based in France to submit their project's candidature. The films need to be less than 60 minutes and be shot mostly in Paris. 


The selected projects will receive a grant of 20,000€ funded by Paris city in collaboration with CNC- National Centre for Cinematography. The selection committee for 2010 is presided over by director Bruno Podalydes and has other film industry professionals as its members. 


Taxi Wala, a film by Lola Frederich that was selected in the year 2006 received the César Award for the Best Short Film in 2009. As many as 14 projects received the grant of 15,000€ each in the year 2009.


The date for submission of candidature is between 1st-30th April, 2010.For more information, write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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