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Giant garden on the Champs Elysées

Giant garden on the Champs Elysées

Come May 23rd, 2010 and the Champs Elysées will be converted into a giant garden for 2 days and 1 night to celebrate the biodiversity of France. The event named « Nature Capitale » is conceptualized by the street artist Gad Weil in collaboration with the Union of Young Farmers of France* and the 'France Bois Forêt'.


Nature Capitale will be spread out over 3 hectares area of the Champs Elysées from Arc de Triomphe to the Concorde. More than 150,000 trees, 8,000 'fragments'  and 150 species of flora will be spread out in four 'forests' running the length of 1 km by 27 meters on « the most beautiful' avenue of the world». 


Readers may remember that 2010 is the World Year of Biodiversity. May 22nd, eve of the event 'Nature Capitale' coincides with the World Biodiversity Day.


The main artist for this project is Gad Weil who conceptualizes and realises 'living art' or 'living fresques'. Some of his earlier popular works include « Grande Moisson », « Train Capital(e) »,  « l’Incroyable Pique Nique » and « la France sur la Grande Muraille ». Collaborating with him on this project is the landscape artist Laurence Médioni and around 600 young farmers. 


Nature Capitale will bring to focus the relation of man with nature and preserving the balance between the two. It might evoke questions of maintaining ecological balance and sustainable development in today's world. As per William Villeneuve, president of the union of young farmers, "We want to address ourselves to the citizens and consumers to make them aware that it will be possible to maintain quality food, preserve the environment and mobilise the territories depending on the choices we shall make together". 


Parisians and tourists alike will have a  possibility to take home a part of the Nature Capitale with them. The flora on display can be acquired by individuals or enterprises in two formats of 'fragments' or 'eclats' from 145€-700€ TTC. Further information and reservation from the Nature Capitale website.**