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The best baguette in Paris

The best baguette in Paris

The Grand Award for the Baguette 2010 was announced on March 22nd to crown the best baguette of Paris. The winner is the baguette made by Djibril Bodian (18th district).


The contest is held each year amongst all bakers (artisan boulanger) of Paris. The jury consisted of Lyne Cohen-Solal, adjoint of the mayor of Paris (in charge of commerce, crafts, independent professions of art) and other persons from the industry, press, gastronomy and 5 internet participants. The winner received a prize amount of 4,000 euros and a citation.


The city of Paris counts 1242 bakers-pastry makers (boulanger-pâtissier) that would roughly account for 1 baker per 1765 habitants*.

In a country where 97%** of its citizens eat bread every day, a contest like this comes as no surprise. After all, the baguette is also an unofficial but very French symbol. As per a study, the average consumption of bread in France is 138 g per day/ person***. Women tend to eat less bread (but more varieties) than men. The preferred eating time for the baguette at home is for breakfast and dinner whereas for lunch, most of the people are likely to partake a baguette outside their home. The preferred buying place for a baguette is the bakery in most of the cases.  


IIP File photo 


Djibril Bodian (winner of Grand Prix de Baguette 2010)
38 rue des Abbesses, 75018 Paris

*Paris municipality figures

**As per a study conducted by TNS Sofres in 2006 on behalf of 'L'Observatoire du Pain' on a representative French population between 6-65 years.

*** an average baguette is around 240-340 grams