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Paris Biodiversity Plan

Paris Biodiversity Plan

Year 2010 is the Global Year of the Bio-diversity. This year, the city of Paris engages itself once again to maintain its flora and fauna. Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoë and Fabienne Giboudeaux, adjoint in charge of green spaces gave the details of Paris bio-diversity plan during a press conference on February 22nd.


Paris will invite its citizens and scientific professionals to participate and to discover the different facets of its bio-diversity through exhibitions, workshops, conferences and guided visits that will be proposed in the parks and gardens throughout the year. The city will also bring out a book on the bio-diversity in Paris in Autumn 2010.


The 4 sites that have been proposed for the public-professionals encounter are - the canals of River Seine and around (19th), Woodlands of Vincennes/ Bercy-Charenton (12th), the cemetry Père-Lachaise and around (11th and 20th), the barges of River Seine in the Boulogne Woodlands (16th).



The city of Paris counts more than 2000 species of wild plants and mushrooms, as many animal species, more than a thousand insects, 10 species of amphibians, 174 species of birds, 3 species of reptiles, 33 species of mammals and 36 species of fishes among its bio-diversity.


Since 2004, Paris has signed the 'Regional Charter of bio-diversity and natural milieu of Ile-de-France'/ « charte régionale d’Ile-de-France de la biodiversité et des milieux naturels» to reinforce the continuity of biologic life and their preservation. The city reaffirmed its engagement to the bio-diversity plan by adhering to the regional agency NatureParif since its creation in 2008. In 2009, Paris signed the'Counter-attack for stopping the loss of bio-diversity'/ « Compte rebours 2010 pour stopper la perte de biodiversité » coordinated by UCIN.



Calendar of bio-diversity events in World and in Paris


January 20th : French Congress of Nature for the French Committee of l’UICN (Union mondiale pour la nature). In Paris.

January 21st-22nd : Launch of the Global year of the Bio-diversity at UNESCO

March 20th-30th : Week for alternatives without pesticides

April 1st-7th : Week of Durable Development

April 22nd : World Earth Day

May 22nd: World Bio-diversity Day

May 19th- 23rd : Nature Festival in Paris

June: Opening of Exhibition 'View of the Bio-diversity'/ 'Regards sur la biodiversité' at Bagatelle

June 1st- 15th: Organic Spring

June 5th: World Environment Day

October 27th- 29th: Closing of Global Year of the Bio-diversity 2010 at Nagoya (Japan)


An internet site www.biodiversite.paris.fr will be started in mid-March 2010 by Paris municipality to interact with Parisian citizens on the issues related to bio-diversity.


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