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Free Cooking Lessons from Chefs in Paris Markets

Free Cooking Lessons from Chefs in Paris Markets

As many as 30 days of free lessons in cooking are offered throughout 2010 in Parisian markets by FFCA- Fédération Française de Cuisine Amateur (French Federation of Amateur Cuisine).


The courses are organised by FFCA and given by their chef or 'teacher' in local Paris markets in different districts. Get details of the schedule in the market near you.


About FFCA

FFCA believes that « We are all cuisine enthusiasts !» FFCA is a unique place to share the passion of cooking and bring together the individuals for cooking or for tasting, but also for oenology and for table art. The community of FFCA boasts of more than 5000 members. FFCA has more than a hundred amateur cooking schools affiliated to it.


It participates regularly in culinary events such as Gastronomades à Angoulême, Foire du boudin de Mortagne, Salon de l’Agriculture, Foire de Paris, Salon Saveurs à Paris etc. The federation organizes two major events itself- the French Championship of Amateur Cooking (le Championnat de France de Cuisine Amateur®) and the French Championship of Table Art (leChampionnat de France d’Arts de la Table®).The cooking courses are held throughout France in various locations. Various offers of memberships are open to general public from 10 euro onwards.


La Fédération Française de Cuisine Amateur

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