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Informed consumers of fruits and vegetables

Informed consumers of fruits and vegetables

From January 31st, 2010 onwards, all labels on fruits and vegetables that announce the price will have the information regarding the origin of the product in the same characters and size as that of the price.


This decree aims to allow the consumers to make an informed choice of such products regarding quality, price and responsible buying. The consumers can get an indication on the freshness and quality of the products by getting an idea regarding the distance that might have been covered to bring the fruits/ vegetables from their country of origin to the point of sale. 


The labels mentioning the origin of the fruits and the vegetables have to be clearly visible and readable and in the same size as the price of the product concerned. 


Further reading: 

Décret n° 2010-109 du 29 janvier 2010 modifiant le décret n° 55-1126 du 19 août 1955 pris pour l'application de la loi du 1er août 1905 sur la répression des fraudes en ce qui concerne le commerce des fruits et légumes.