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Visit Château de Versailles for free

Visit Château de Versailles for free

Since January 1st, 2010, Château de Versailles will keep its doors open for all public on first Sunday of every month between November and March. Since 1999, all museums under the national network allow free access to permanent collections for the general public on first Sunday of every month.



Château de Versailles has been the only museum not to have applied this in effect even though part of the Château such as the gardens are free for visit throughout the year. However, since November 2009, 'Domaine de Marie-Antoinette' that constitutes le Petit and le Grand Trianon, is accessible for free visits to Public on first Sundays of every month. The new decision would mean an additional influx of Francilien visitors to visit this celebrated national monument. 


On 11th January, 2010, the 'Établissement public du musée et du domaine national de Versailles'and the Foundation Total organised a free day for the under-privileged public at the Château. Being a Monday, the Château otherwise closed to the general public welcomed more than 600 persons accompanied by Associations such as 'Les Restos du Coeur', 'le Secours Catholique', 'Coeur de Femmes', 'la Protection Judiciaire de la Jeunesse de Créteil' etc. These persons benefitted from free, guided visits to the domaine of Versailles.


It might be noted that in 2009, the Foundation Total helped the Château de Versailles to acquire a carpet, belonging to La Chapelle Royale, that was considered a major piece of national heritage.