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Indian Compositions Exhibition in Paris

Indian Compositions Exhibition in Paris

The Exhibition Indian Compositions was held in Paris by multi-faceted artist Kathleen Scarboro from December 14th-24th.


Kathleen Scarboro's Indian Compositions



There were 21 paintings/ reproductions on display and sale. Using a technique that was used during the renaissance period by artists such as Jan van Ecyk and Rogier Van der Weyden, each work is laboriously done. A single painting may take up to several months to complete given the complexity of process right from photo-shop, conceptualizing and executing on canvas with several layers of colours to achieve the right effect and intensity of colour.



Kathleen's works are very colour dominated. Her portraits of Indians from different perspective almost always have an element of surrealism à la Dali or an other-worldly appearance to them. In her own words, she likes to portray the sleeping characters as 'there is something very natural about them'.