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Foreigner flags prohibited during marriage ceremony ?

Foreigner flags prohibited during marriage ceremony ?

In the wake of prohibition of hoisting the foreigner flags by 'arrêté' by the Mayor of the city of Orange in Provinces, there might soon be a law prohibiting foreigner flags at the City council during marriages and for other occasions. The stated reason is to uphold the values of the French republic. 


The 'arrêté' once registered, as per the perfecture of Vacleuse, is executed with legal sanction and control within 2 months. The result would be prohibition of the hoisting of national flags and symbols other than that of France in and around the City council (la Mairie). Explaining the situation, André-Yves Beck, the director of communication at the Council, said that 'these flags are present in all the cities of the South of France during marriage ceremonies of certain foreigner communities and that this 'sanction' was meant to avoid a sorry spectacle as per a report in 20 minutes.


In the same report, Elie Aboud, deputy of Hérault (34), added in his law proposal "il faut choisir: ou bien on décide de s’unir à l’être aimé lors d’un mariage, uniquement drapé aux couleurs de la République (et l’on en épouse alors tous les principes) ou bien l’on y renonce, en toute liberté»"  (That one must choose: or decide to unite during a marriage, only under the colours of the -flag of- French republic- and that one abides by all its principles- or that one renounces it, in all freedom.)


Following the incident, more than 100 elected members of the UMP party have signed the proposal for law 'prohibiting foreigner flags during marriage ceremony'. What needs to be seen is how far will this go.