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Japanese Photographer's Vision of India

Japanese Photographer's Vision of India

In an ongoing exhibition Voyages- Japanese photographers' view of the world, the limelight on India is thrown by the Japanese photographer Takeshi Momose. His series Visions of India/ Visions de l'Inde is a part of this collective exhibition. 


Delhi par Toshiya Momose


He has tried to capture various cities of India such as Delhi and Calcutta/ Kolkata. His forte is big, metropolitan cities but his images are far from the bustling, over populatedplaces. Instead his focus contains, almost invariably, deserted places without any human presence as if it were a mockery of the big city's status. 


He himself observes with surprise that even in over-crowded Indian cities, this feat was possible but then again, giving away his secret, he also shares that this is actually possible once one moves away from the busier lanes and main arteries of the city.


The exhibition is on till January 23rd, 2010 at Japan Cultural House.There are various conferences and talks around the subject of Japanese photography for the duration of the exhibition.