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A Chocolaty Christmas Tree

A Chocolaty Christmas Tree

A 20 meters high Christmas tree graces the business district of La Défense to the North-West of Paris, courtesy Ferrero Rocher.

It is on display from Dec 6th- 26th at the Parvis de la Défense, just a stone's throw from the Christmas Market of La Défense. A visit to this sumptuous Christmas tree just starts with a hostess proposing you the world famous chocolaty treat before letting you discover the world of Ferrero Rocher.

The tree is decorated in crystals in golden hues, 48 garlands running 1.4 KMs, fitted with more than 200 ornamental balls.

At the base of the tree is an exhibition area where one can explore the world of chocolates as imagined by Ferrero Rocher. Six giant screens will display the festivties from 6 capitals of the world. 

How to reach:

Parvis de La Défense

Metro (Station: La Défense/ Grande Arche on Line 1)
Bus (Bus stop: La Défense-metro-RER-tramway by bus no. 73, 144, 258, 262, 276)
Tram : T2 (La Défense)

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