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Winners of Extravagant India Festival

Winners of Extravagant India Festival

Winners at the recently concluded Indian Short Films & Documentaries festival in Paris, Extravagant India, from June 26th-28th, are:

Best Fiction: Shanu Taxi (15 minutes, India, 2006) by Vasant Nath

Best Documentary Film: Wagah (19 minutes, India/Germany, 2009) by Suriyo Sen

Best Children's Film: Horn OK Please (9 minutes, UK, 2006) by Joel Simon

Special Mention by Jury: Midnight Lost and Found (18 minutes, India, 2007) by Atul Saberval.

The jury consisted of Marie-Cécile Destandau (Producer), ChristineGendre (UniFrace) and Elsa Masson (Agency of Short Films).