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Dhoad Gypsies' new album 'Root Travellers' released

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Dhoad Gypsies’ new album “Roots Travellers” and Live DVD was released on October 16th, 2010 at the Institut du Monde Arabe. This latest venture from the Dhoad gypsies is the fruit and inspiration of many years of travel and collaboration with musicians (African, Reggae, Flamenco, Macedonian, Sufi, Gypsy, Gnawa…) around the globe in the world music sphere.


Rajasthani music is respected by virtuoso the world over for its emotion and unparalleled rhythmic speed and complexity. Evoking a trancelike state for audience and performer alike, Dhoad Gypsies embark on a rapturous journey with love, peace and honour at the centre of their lyrical message. Passionate and haunting, their legendary stamina onstage combines sweeping scales and vocals, a traditional Gypsy Rajasthani 'kalbelia' dancer and stunts such as 'fire-spitting' by the group’s fakir.


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Public transport on July 14th

Monday, 13 July 2009 12:23

The metro network for the night of July 14th/ early morning of 15th will be on till 02:15 AM. Selected stations of metro, RER are closed on July 14th, 2009.

(Line 1, 8, 9). Accessible only from rue Saint-Florentin.

Charles de Gaulle Etoile
(Line 1, 2, 6, RER A). Accessible only from Avenue Carnot.

Franklin D. Roosevelt
(Line 1, 9)
Closed from 08:00 AM. Transfers Lines 1 & 9 not assured. Reopening at 12:00 PM.

(Line 6, 9)
Access from Théâtre National de Chaillot & Musée de l'Homme closed from 04:00 PM.

(Line 1). Closed from 08:00 AM. Reopening at 12:00 PM.

George V
(Line 1) May be closed.

Ecole Militaire
(Line 8). Closed from 10:00 PM 

(Line 9). Closed from 04:00 PM.


Avenue du Président Kennedy
Closed from 06:00 PM. Reopens at 11:15 PM.

Champ de Mars - Tour Eiffel
Closed from 06:00 PM.

Closed from 06:00 PM. Reopens at 11:15 PM

Pont de l'Alma

Closed from 06:00 PM.

Please consult detailed and updated information from RATP website for your travel


Designers' Christmas Trees

Exhibition of Christmas trees as imagined by Versace, Gucci, Karl Lagerfeld and more than 60 fashion stalwarts.

Work of art & fashion on public display.

Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine,
Place du Trocadero, 75016

Dec 10th- 16th, 2008

From 11:00 AM- 07:00 PM

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Strike at Eiffel Tower

In what could be termed the first ever of its kind, the Eiffel Tower was closed to the general public and tourists by its employees who went on strike in the afternoon of 12th October.


The strike by the employees of the Eiffel Tower was in response to a nationwide call by the socialist movement to protest the law that will increase the 'legal' minimum age of retirement from 60 to 62.It may be noted that this reform which is going through the parliament at the moment and is likely to be passed will set the condition that a person can 'legally' retire at the age of 62 (compared to the previous 60) will the benefit of full pension provided he/ she has worked for a minimum of 40 years. The 'unconditional' retirement age is at 65 which will, as per the reform, be advanced to 67.

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Traffic normal on RER B line to CDG airport

Sunday, 05 July 2009 08:55

RER B line that noted disturbed traffic yesterday is restored to normalcy. Passengers to CDG airport from Gare du Nord can expect regular services.

Free Ice Skating Rink- Hotel de Ville de Paris

Enjoy the winters in Paris with free access and use of Skating Rinks.

Hotel de Ville de Paris.

Dec 20th, 2008- March 1st, 2009
Open every day.

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Want a bench in your name in Paris ?

If you want to leave your imprint, as a person, couple, group of friends or even family, adopt a bench at Paris Garden of Plants (jardin des plantes) while protecting the nature at the same time.


All 255 (of which 140 single and 115 double) benches at the Jardin des plantes in Paris are covered in the program. More than half of these have already been picked up for adoption by individuals and organisations in a charitable act that helps the garden preserve nature. There are still more than a hundred benches still available for 'adoption'.These benches are a part of renovation of benches and other material structure such as dustbins, pots of plants etc. which have been designed in keeping with the natural aspect of the park and to promote lightness and transparency of material.

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