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British Hospital of Paris

The Hertford British Hospital of Paris merged with the Hospital Notre-dame du Perpétuel Secours  (HPS) and is now known as Institut Hospitalier Franco-Britannique. The hospital offers medical services to the English speaking community of Paris and the sub-urban Levallois where it is located.


The hospital is registered as a charity in the UK and as a not-for-profit association in France under the French Association Loi 1901. More than a century old, the hospital is governed by a board of trustees with representatives from the British Consulate of Paris and the British community of France.


With a mostly English speaking French medical staff, the hospital also has British and Irish nurses and caretakers. The hospital offers out-patient consultations, maternity, paediatrics, dermatology etc. services in addition to hospitalisation.


Being a private institution working with the French Public Hospital system, the hospital charges in accordance with the French social security rates for the entitled patients. However, if you do not have a French Carte Vitale, it is recommended to check with the hospital staff for applicable rates and charges for consultations and hospitalisation.


Contact details

3, rue Barbes, 92300 Levallois
Tel.: +33 (0) 1 47 58 13 12
Fax.: +33 (0) 1 47 58 02 34


Website of British Hospital Hertford (in English & French)