Bilateral Business Relations with France

India and France have a promising bilateral trade relation that increased three-folds between 1995-2005. Indian exports to France have been growing steadily with textile, garments, software, food products, refined petroleum products etc. France exports to India are in the field of aeronautical & space construction, electrical equipments, iron & steel products, chemical products etc.

Economic and strategic partnership between the two countries exist in various scientific, cultural and technical fields. CEFIPRA (Franco-Indian Center for the Promotion of Advanced Research), CSIR-CNRS supervised meteorology projects, Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry etc. work together to improve joint relations and future economic prospects between the two countries.





Some Useful Addresses:

IFFCI- Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industries

With more than 500 active members, the role of IFFCI is to promote bilateral business relations, help and support its members and non-member companies to set-up business in India or in France.

Website of IFFCI (in English & French)


ACFCI-  Assembly of French Chamber of Commerce and Industry

A national establishment representing more than 1,800,000 French companies, ACFCI acts as an intermediary between French CCIs and government authorities in France and Europe.

Website of ACFCI (in English, French, German and Spanish) 


French American Chamber of Commerce

It is dedicated to supporting the French-American companies and business communities in various states. Most of the business hubs have their own FACC. eg. New York, San Francisco, LA etc.


Franco-British Chamber of Commerce

With more than 700 members, the chamber aims at serving the Franco-British business community in France by promoting trade ties, network, providing support and expertise for bilateral business relations.

Website of Franco-British Chambers (in English & French)

UCCIFE- The Union of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Abroad

A private network of the 114 existing French CCI abroad.

Website of UCCIFE (in English & French)

MEDEF- French Business Confederation

A national consortium of large, medium and small French companies in commerce, services and industry.

Website of MEDEF (in English & French)

France Tech

A showcase of French industry and technology under the patronage of ministry of Industry.

Website of France Tech (in English, French, Spanish & German) 

EPO- European Patent Office

With 34 members, EPO is an intergovernmental organisation for activities related to patents.

Website of EPO (in English, French & German)


CITF- International Customs Tariff Bureau

For standardising tariff between member countries.

Website of CITF (in English, French, Spanish, Italian & German)


Place International

An e-commerce portal offering unique end-to-end business solutions for doing business in France.

Website of Place International (in English & French)

Paris Expo

Paris expo hosts more than 900 trade shows, exhibitions and events each year at its 7 locations in Paris. Find the one suitable for your trade.

Website of Paris Expo (in English, French, Spanish, Italian & German)