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Snow in Paris & India

If visitors to London expect to get caught in sudden showers, then they can expect one word from the Parisian weather- Unassuming. Yes, this is what it is.

It had been sunny whole of last week, even though there has been a nip in the air. Now for the past couple of days, we have been seeing small or big snow flakes parting from nowhere and descending down to terra firma

...The Sun seems to have gone for a hibernation and so has my morale.

Fleeting snow in Paris

 Snow, in Paris, is a lovely sight even if transient. In my five years of stay, i have hardly seen big chunks of snow covering the ground for days at end...The only places to feel snowy cold are the skating rings put up in the city in various locations.

Being an Indian, i am not a very sporty person. I admit that my life style has changed for better and healthier in the past couple of years by virtue of being with the health conscious French. Having said that, winter sports is something that still does not ring a bell for sportive encounters. I dare imagine that it does not come easily to kindred folks from back home either...

Not that we have dearth of Hill (read snowy) stations in India. Anywhere in the vicinity of the Himalayas, the winters are choc-a-bloc with tourists 'from the plains'. But we are yet to rise to the occasion of using nature, at its cold best, as our sportive or athletic ground.

I know i am headed for a debatable ground there. But we, the Indians, are a community people. So while group sports like Cricket and Football may be popular and engaging, but individual sports are yet to find their place in our consciousness. And skiing, alas, is done for individual pleasure.

On being asked by a French, about the facility of skiing stations in India, i had to draw a blank. It is quite possible that there exists such resorts in Mussoorie or Darjeeling, perhaps to cater to foreigner tourists, or for some local adventurers. While i discover that, i am happy sitting in front of the telly watching people ski.

Watching people do the sports, for me, is the ultimate sports! Or wait, perhaps trying to make some sense out of Saas-Bahu soaps is a better sports...on, on...