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Weekend getaways from Paris II- Deauville

Weekend getaways from Paris II- Deauville

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Devoid of any great history from ancient times, Deauville was a small village situated on Mount-Canisy. In 1858, the Duke of Morny, half-brother of Napoleon III, who was invited to Trouville by his doctor, took to the place and decided to construct this expanse of sand and marshes in to « a kingdom of elegance » near Paris. He constructed the city between 1860 and 1864 and made magnificent villas, race course and had it connected to Paris by rails in order to attract the aristocratic Paris clientèle.


Les Planches - Deauville
les planches- OT Deauville - Patrice le Bris


In the beginning of 20th century , the place benefited from the enthusiasm of the « Belle Époque ». Luxury hotels and the casino came up.


The rich and the famous of the Paris found themselves promenading at the now famous wooden planks by the Deauville beach. By 1930s, sportive activities such as yatching, tennis, polo, racing, casino get established. By 1960-70s, the Deauville clientèle included international celebrities. A thalassotherapy spa, a sea water swimming pool, a second port were constructed to meet the growing demand. Deauville continues to be known for its impressive plank promenade (les planches) along the beach. More than 555 buildings are classified and protected as Deauville's architectural, urban and landscape heritage. Today, Deauville is a luxury resort famous for its horse races, horse sale, polo, casino, Festival of American Cinema, Festival of Asian Films etc.


Casino - Deauville
Casino- OT Deauville - Patrice le Bris
 Nothing predisponsed Deauville to become a high profile place related to Cinema even though it was under the projectors with Claude Lelouch's 1966 film « Un homme et une femme ». Since 1950, more than 50 films have been shot at Deauville among whom 'Le Baron de l’Ecluse' (1959) by Jean Delannoy with Jean Gabin, Micheline Presle, Roger Vadim's 'Les Liaisons dangereuses' with Gérard Philippe, Jeanne Moreau and Jean-Louis Trintignant are well known. Festival of American Cinema was born in Deauville in 1975. It became a show window of classic and contemporary American cinema in Europe. In 1999, Festival of Asian Cinema followed to bring cinema from Asian countries such as Korea, China, Japan and India to western audiences.


Horses occupy a special place in Deauville as it is a place where horses are bred, sold, trained and selected. There are several prestigious events associated with horse buying, selling, racing and polo. Horse racing season in Deauville opens with the 'Jump'in de Deauville' in the month of June. Some of the best breeds of stallion from France, especially, Normandy, are put up on sale at the famous Yearling sale of horses in the month of August. Deauville Polo Cup is also organised in the month of August and sees some of the best players of polo from the world over competing for the gold and silver cup.


The tourist scope of Deauville is such that the city offers 2000 rooms from luxurious hotels to fully furnished rooms for rent within a radius of 2 km, 40 restaurants, 1 airport, 2 ports, 1 casino, 2 race courses, 4 golf courses, 400 boutiques counting luxury and high fashion stores among them, .....


The charm of Deauville has fascinated many famous personalities of whom writers such as Gustave Flaubert, Apollinaire;...painters such as Van Dongen, Dufy, Boudin;...fashionista Coco Chanel who opened her first boutique here, King Farouk who admired its wooden planks, André Citroën who took a liking to its casino, Aga Khan and Rita Hayworth, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones whose romance blossomed here...


There is a bit of luxury, glamour and romance for everyone at Deauville... 


Distance from Paris: 195 kms

How to get there: There are direct trains to Deauville-Trouville from Paris Gare St. Lazare (approx. 2 hrs). Deauville is also accessible by highway 'autoroute' A13 from Paris.


Deauville Tourism Office- Office de Tourisme de Deauville
Place de la Mairie, 14800 Deauville
Tel. : +33 (0) 2 31 14 40 00

Website of Deauville (in English & other major languages).


  Voile by Patrice le Bris
OT Deauville - Patrice le Bris