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Paris Cabarets- Moulin Rouge-3

Paris Cabarets- Moulin Rouge-3

In keeping with the tradition of having all their revues begin with the letter 'F', a symbolic token of good luck, the current show of Moulin Rouge is called 'Féerie'. The show has been been created by Doris Haug and Ruggero Angeletti, who have been the directors of the most famous shows in the world since 1961.


Moulin Rouge- Féerie Revue


Created with a budget of €8 million, this grand show includes more than 1000 costumes, 800 pairs of custom made shoes, dozens of handmade settings, a giant aquarium, five pythons, six dwarf horses, and much more...


Artists on and behind the scene

“Féerie” consists of a troupe of 100 artists representing 14 nationalities, including the 60 Doriss Girls that are recruited world-wide; 1000 costumes of feathers, rhinestones and sequins and 800 pairs of custom-made shoes of the size 35 to 47 created in the most famous Parisian workshops; sumptuous settings with shining colours and unique designs made by Italian artists; the best international and outstanding acts; and the expected return of the giant Aquarium… with music using 80 musicians and 60 members of the chorus.


The Show components

Féerie has 4 main scenes created to fulfill international audiences’ dreams !

“The Moulin Rouge today and yesterday, the Moulin Rouge forever”

As the theatre lights switch off, the curtain is raised…and the entire troupe appears on stage, under the admiring gaze of the audience who find themselves entering the “Garden” of the Moulin Rouge to discover the magical atmosphere of the place. A touch of nostalgia !


Adventure of a pirate whose boat is anchored in Indonesia- Dreams...A perfect woman’s love… Once in the land, one meets priestesses, or a Gorgon in her temple surrounded by snakes, women jewels, tigresses, …Will Sandokan have the opportunity to offer his treasures to the lady of his dreams or will the spectator be a witness to a sacrifice of love in the pythons’ den ?


“The Circus”

A variety show is not complete unless there is circus act in it…Féerie brings the circus to town with its band of clowns, Siamese twins, pierrots, acrobats, jugglers, weird wild animals and six miniature horses ! A colourful scene with beautiful music that ends with the great parade of the Doriss Girls and Doriss Dancers.


“The Moulin Rouge from 1900 to…”

The Moulin Rouge pays a tribute to Parisian women throughout the years : on the 14th of July, for the Liberation of Paris … with Java or Boogie music . Time passes and leaves space for new generations of women, more beautiful than ever ! At the highlight of this tribute, the Doriss Girls dance the world famous French Cancan !

 Moulin Rouge- Final Féerie

Choreography: Bill Goodson

Costume Designer: Corrado Collabucci

Set Design: Gaetano Castelli 

Music: Pierre Porte



Moulin Rouge

82, Boulevard de Clichy - 75018 Paris
Metro: Blanche (Line 2)
Bus: 30, 54, 68, 74


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photos (c) Moulin Rouge (R) J.Habas