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Paris Cabarets- Moulin Rouge-2

Paris Cabarets- Moulin Rouge-2

The Moulin Rouge’s French Cancan is famous and reclaimed world-wide. Be it for the Cannes Festival, Hollywood or even Hong Kong, the Carnival of Rio, Sydney, the troupe of Cancan dancers never hesitates to cross the frontiers to represent the Moulin Rouge and Paris.


Moulin Rouge- Doriss Girls


This year as Moulin Rouge celebrates its 120 years, the French Cancan is still presented every night on the Moulin Rouge stage, and has been in every show since 1889.


Dancing the French Cancan is not possible for everyone ! For this dance requires specific qualities both artistic and physical. A training period of five weeks is necessary for every new girl and the rehearsals are very frequent.


Qualifications to be a Moulin Rouge Dancer


The Doriss Girls that I spoke about in Moulin Rouge Part 1 have certain qualifications to meet : A good base of classical ballet training is a must for all of them, the girls have to measure at least 1.75 m (5’8” ) and need to have astounding figures that will leave the spectators spellbound. The boys must be more than 1.85 m (6’3”). The artistic directors pay particular attention to the aesthetics and the physical condition of the troupe : losing or gaining weight is controled ( + or - 2 kilos), cutting or dying one’s hair is strictly monitored.


There are regular rehearsals and dance classes for the troupe. Male dancers in particular, work out everyday with the Moulin Rouge fitness facilities in order to keep their bodies looking good for clients' appreciation. In addition to the 2 shows performed every night, the artists train regularly and continue taking dance lessons to remain at the height of perfection. Every week, under the watchful eyes of the ballet mistress, Janet Pharaoh and her team (choreographer assistant, Cancan teacher, captains, ...) and the stage manager, Thierry Outrilla, the Doriss Girls and the Doriss Dancers rehearse the show’s different scenes to bring out a perfect show. 


The Restaurant

Supervised by Henri Poussimour, the Moulin Rouge’s Brigade, which consists of 120 maître-d’s, head-waiters and servers, works in the legendary hall which accommodates up to 850 guests. Every night, 25 cooks prepare the meals served to our Clients under the management of our Chef, Laurent Tarridec and his assistant, Gérard Hotz. 

 Moulin Rouge- New Year's Menu  



A selection of dishes famous in French Gastronomy used at Moulin Rouge restaurant includes Duck "Foie Gras", Snails in Cases with herbs "Aniseed Butter", “A la Nage” Scallops, Salmon Crunch, Fillet of Beef “Rossini”, 3 little “pots” Vanilla, Pistachio, Chocolate, etc.


The wines and champagnes are selected from among the famous French best growths by the establishment's own wine cellar-man.


Three different menus are proposed to the guests: French Cancan, Toulouse-Lautrec and Belle Epoque plus “A la Carte”.


The dinner is accompanied by the Moulin Rouge orchestra and allows people to enjoy the dance floor until the revue begins. 



Moulin Rouge

82, Boulevard de Clichy - 75018 Paris
Metro: Blanche (Line 2)
Bus: 30, 54, 68, 74


Readers will be able to enjoy Moulin Rouge 3 of this article shortly that will talk about the current revue Féerie. Read Moulin Rouge 1


photos (c) Moulin Rouge (R) J.Habas