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Paris Cabarets- Moulin Rouge-2

The Moulin Rouge’s French Cancan is famous and reclaimed world-wide. Be it for the Cannes Festival, Hollywood or even Hong Kong, the Carnival of Rio, Sydney, the troupe of Cancan dancers never hesitates to cross the frontiers to represent the Moulin Rouge and Paris.


Moulin Rouge- Doriss Girls


This year as Moulin Rouge celebrates its 120 years, the French Cancan is still presented every night on the Moulin Rouge stage, and has been in every show since 1889.

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Paris Cabarets- Moulin Rouge-1

The Moulin Rouge has been throwing a wild party for Paris and the whole world since 6 October 1889 and is celebrating this year its 120th anniversary ! Immortalized by the painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, made world famous by its saucy French Cancan, the Moulin Rouge as it is, Ladies and Gentlemen !


Moulin Rouge



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Situated on either sides of Paris- Bois de Boulogne in the South-West and Bois de Vincennes to the North-East borders of the city, these two enormous woodlands offer the much needed fresh air and a natural landscape to dot Paris.



Both the areas were a conglomeration of forests and used as hunting grounds by French royalty over centuries.Today, they are used by Parisians as a retreat to the nature and for various leisure activities. 

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Discover nature in Paris with children

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Paris offers something for everyone including for its little Parisians and tourists. During school vacations or weekends, there are several options for taking children to various places in Paris. These places have been selected based on their informative and educative nature. Either free or with a nominal entrance fees, they are ideal for spending time with nature and with children.


des bois


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Guest Speak-Paris Rhetoric-I

Paris offers a huge Cultural, Intellectual and Artistic choice so rich that it entails its own contradictions and rhetoric.


Le Rocher de l'Hermitage



We will focus on the values which have made Paris the cultural centre of Europe and, at the same time, the most inclined to live on its past. I will present the historical background of the sites mentioned below.

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