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Indian Quarter in Paris

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There are no boundaries as to where the area, which the people from sub-continent call the Indian Quarter, begins. But you are sure to know you are in it when the sweet, tantalizing aromas from the kitchens of many Indian restaurant starts to haunt you everywhere. Thus begins your invitation to the trip to mini India in Paris.



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If visitors to London expect to get caught in sudden showers, then they can expect one word from the Parisian weather- Unassuming. Yes, this is what it is.

It had been sunny whole of last week, even though there has been a nip in the air. Now for the past couple of days, we have been seeing small or big snow flakes parting from nowhere and descending down to terra firma

...The Sun seems to have gone for a hibernation and so has my morale.

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The man who could pass through the walls

While you are in Montmartre district, with a bit of help from the map of Paris, you would be able to locate Rue Norvins. That's where you will be able to meet the hero of this post- Le Passe-Muraille or the Man who could pass through the walls!

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