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Indians Under Spotlight- Anwar Hussain & Bollywood Maharadjahs

Anwar Hussain is at the heart of the orchestra Bollywood Maharadjahs- a first of its kind of live Bollywood style orchestra in France with its base in Paris. Hussain comes from a family that traces its musical roots back to twelve generations some of whom have enjoyed the patronage of the royal courts of Rajasthan.


Anwar Hussain & the Bollywood Maharadjahs
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Anwar Hussain was born in Jaipur in India amidst a folkloric musical ambiance surrounded by a family of singers and musicians- his maternal grandfather Jamaal Sen has worked with singers such as Mubarak Begum and Noor Jehan; his maternal uncle Dilip Sen forms the Bollywood music director duo Dilip Sen-Sameer Sen with his cousin Sameer who has assisted Hindustani classical music maestros such as Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma and Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, it was only natural that Anwar Hussain chose to continue the family tradition by honing his musical skills given him as a genetic gift. Anwar studied music at the Rajasthan Sangeet Academy.

Since a young age, Anwar Hussain has been performing on stage in solo and in group performances. An accomplished musician, he plays sitar, harmonium, tabla, morchang, khartal and bhapang. His vocal range extends from classical to folkloric to popular Bollywood numbers. He has given a number of national and international concerts of bhajans, ghazals, sufi singing and Bollywood chart-busters.


For the past eight years, his brush with France has been extremely positive for the artist in that he sees the appreciation by the French as a rich springboard for renown of Indian music and popular culture on the world map. He has appeared in various television programs in India and has been doing concerts, public performances at festivals and private shows in North America and Europe for the past few years.

Anwar Hussain & the Bollywood Maharadjahs

Anwar Hussain is also the Artistic director of the Orchestra Bollywood Maharadjahs. During their concerts in Paris and all over France, the orchestra is happy to interact with and oblige the audiences with their requests for favourite Indian songs 'extracted' from Anwar's elephantine memory of Bollywood songs.


Bollywood Maharadjahs

Bollywood Maharadjah, as per Anwar Hussain, is a befitting nomenclature and tribute to his ancestors that performed for Rajasthani royalty and current generations of his family steeped in the popular Bollywood music industry.


The vision of Bollywood Mahardjahs is to bring Indian culture closer to western audiences through Indian music starting with classical and folkloric to 'filmi' numbers. There are live concerts with various musicians, singer Anwar Hussain and dancer-choreographer Sarah.


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