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Véronique Durruty- Indian under spotlight

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Recently, I met Véronique to know more about her exhibition 'Holi : a pinch of colour in India' shortly before she was to leave for French Polynesia on a work assignment.


Véronique Durruty



Véronique Durruty is a French photographer who travels all over the world on her photographic assignments- a job that we can all be envious of ! Jokes apart, photography, for Véronique, is almost a way of life and one can sense it on meeting her.


Born in Dax in the French region of Aquitaine, Véronique is now based in Paris. She is a member of the French photographic agency Rapho, which is one of the principal suppliers of the 'Geo' magazine. Her love affair with India started more than two decades back. Her first visit to India was in 1990. Since then, she has returned there more than a dozen times. As she puts it, India is a photographer's treasure trove.


Photographer by profession, Véronique's work often leads her to interact with other mediums such as the film, writing, drawing etc. Her photographic work explores the meeting point of senses and sensations. Given her penchant for a poly sensorial touch and feel in the way she perceives things and brings them out in her work, it would be an injustice to confine her work to one definition- it is poetic, rigorous, tactile and most of all, instinctive.


In the same spirit, she has worked on photographs in the domain of cosmetics and luxury products which is able to transmit her perceptions to the viewers in an emotional way. Her photographic references include Kenzo, Lancôme, Ungaro, Moêt et Chandon, Cartier, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Little Fashion Gallery, Yves Rocher, L'Occitane etc. to name a few.

Véronique Durruty


Véronique has held more than 20 exhibitions in solo and group and collaborated on more than 15 books. Her subjects are from her various travels in different continents. Regarding India, her dedicated works were exhibited in ''Inde des Sens' with Patrick Guedj, her collaborator, at the Galerie Espace Asia in Toulouse in 2006 and at Galerie Espace Asia, Paris in 2008. Two of her various published books are on India- 'Parfums de l’Inde' with Patrick Guedj, 2002, Éditions Flammarion and 'Indian Holi', 2008, Éditions de la Martinière.


'Parfums de l'Inde or Perfumes of India is a unique book in the sense that it had some prestigious perfumers (who have worked on elaborating 'l'Eau d'Issey' of Issey Miyaké', 'Miracle' from Lancôme, 'Chrome' from Mugler, etc) create fragrances based on the Indian photos of Véronique and Patrick. These photos accompanied by each of these perfumers describing their approach and a small bottle of their perfumes takes the reader on a sensual journey to India through each of its 6 chapters eg "Parfum de l'eau" is inspired by the Ganges where ablutions leave the water with the scent of a man's hand, or a woman's , not to mention the roses, the saris that dry on her banks in the sun, etc. Other associated perfumes and the chapters in the book are "L'odeur du sacré", "Volutes de Chaya", "Des notes vertes", ...


Later, Véronique (and Patrick Guedj) used the same concept in their work 'Afrique en Parfums' or 'African in Perfumes' to take the readers on an olfactory journey to the cradle of the mankind.


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