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Gurdas Maan- Indian under Spotlight in Paris

Gurdas Maan- Indian under Spotlight in Paris

Fans of Bhangra rejoice- popular Punjabi artist Gurdas Maan is coming to Paris for this first live concert in the city of lights !


Gurdas Maan


I was a kid when I first heard Gurdas Maan sing 'Dil da mamla hai, kuch to karo sajan' (it's a matter of heart, do something beloved). That was the voice a young Punjabi munda who came from nowhere and won the public heart with his energy, voice, dynamism in an era where hard-core marketing of artists hardly existed, lesser so in India. The song was an overnight hit and probably instrumental in catapulting Gurdas Maan to nation-wide fame.  


Born in Muktsar, Punjab on January 4, 1957, Gurdas Maan is eponymous with the Punjabi folk spirit. Holder of a masters degree in physical education, Gurdas Maan's musical career almost happened by chance, as it were. He was noticed by a TV producer during one of his stage plays who asked him to record his song 'Dil da mamla hai' which Maan had himself written. The song aired on the new year's eve in 1980 and the rest became history. It did not take long for record companies to notice him. Maan debuted with HMV as a solo artist in an era where duets were considered more 'bankable'. Maan held his ground to record as a solo artist. He has since gone on to make 27 albums and has written more than 200 songs, not to mention his film career. 





Gurdas Maan has acted in more than 25 films some of which include 'Waris Shah: Ishq de Waris' (2006)- nominated as India's selection for the Oscars, 'Shaheed-E-Mohabbet' (1999), 'Shaheed Udham Singh' (2000), 'Des Hoyaa Pardes' (2004) and a special appearance in Shah Rukh Khan- Preity Zinta starrer Veer-Zaara in mainstream Bollywood. Whether it is his film roles or his music albums, Gurdas Maan can easily be credited with bringing the Punjabi folk music to a broader national and international audience. In 1998, he won the Best Song for the title track, Best International Artists and the Best Album for 'Apna Punjab' at the Asian Pop and Media Awards held in the UK. In 2005, Maan won Best Lyrics ('Kudiye'), Best Song ('Heer') and Best Singer of the Year at the ETC Channel Punjabi Music Awards. His latest album 'Bootpolishan' is enjoying tremendous success.


His audiences transcend the geographic boundaries and dance to his music reminiscent of a vibrant, vivacious and rural Punjab where courageous, hardy folk enjoy folk music- after a hard day's work- over camp fires and belting heat of earthen ovens churning local delicacies. His fan base is particularly strong in countries with a Punjabi expat population such as the UK and Canada. For the first time, Gurdas Maan will be in live concert in Paris in April 2010 coinciding with 'Vaisakhi' festival. The concert promises to be an out and out entertainer for the local diaspora and the French fans of India alike. There will be several musicians and dancers along with Gurdas Maan. This is an excellent opportunity for the lovers of Punjabi music and for the non-initiated to get up close and personal with the flag-bearer of bhangra* and folk music. 


Gurdas Maan Paris Concert


*Bhangra is a form of folk dance and music from Punjab. This dance form traditionally originated to celebrate the harvest (Vaisakhi/ Baisakhi festival) where people would dance with high energy to the music set to dhol (Punjabi folk drum), iktar (single-stringed instrument), thumbi and chimta. The songs are called 'bolis' -small couplets in Punjabi dealing with current or humorous situations.The dancers are dressed in colourful clothes and turbans.


Today, Bhangra is popular in various forms and styles all over the world. In Paris and sub-urbs, there are various dance groups that perform and teach Bhangra and other Punjabi dances. Some of them are Desi Crew Bhangra, Masti Punjab Di, Waaris Punjab de, Shaan Punjab di etc.


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photo & video courtesy: Tejpal Singh & B. Productions- digital recording studio & event organizers. 77220 France.