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Anil abhimanyu Sharma- The Indian under spotlight

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A couple of weeks back, I heard a gushing voice ordering a few kilos of garam masala at a grocery store in the Indian Quarter. Curiosity made me turn my head towards the person. Of course, it had to be none other than the bon vivant chef, photographer and a real Indian at heart- that's Anil Abhimanyu Sharma for you!


Anil Abhimanyu Sharma

A small chat followed. Anil was expected to present an Indian cooking program on Dutch TV that evening for which he was carrying the 'ration'.

I had heard about India Calling Association and its culinary activities. Some exchange later, I finally zeroed down on the man of the moment. I met Anil for a cup of coffee to get to know the person and bring him to our readers.

Anil came to Paris more than 30 years back. A model-photographer and a marketing person all rolled into one. For anyone who has met him, it is hard to imagine him without a warm smile, affable personality and a love for India that exudes forth effortlessly.

Multi-tasking is his forte, it seems. Cooking, one can say, was destined for him, an astrologer's prediction notwithstanding! With such a long sejour for a desi at heart, Anil searched for his culinary roots here in Paris. What a way to rediscover Indian cuisine in the gourmet capital of the world! Cooking for his family and friends, he would get requests to share his recipes. Blending an Indian taste with a French sensibility for aesthetics and a right mix of spices suitable for western constitution is not an easy task. Anil took up the challenge with ease.


 On a TV Show
Somewhere along the line, his association India Calling was born to share this passion with others. He regularly holds classes, workshops and demonstrations in Indian Cuisine. As an entrepreneur, he caters to parties, theme evenings, conferences, Bollywood soirée etc. He has been invited to various famous cooking schools and TV programs to induct the students into the intricacies of Indian spices and cooking.


Les Secrets D'Anil When I met him, his plan to bring out his signature line of spices, Les Secrets D'Anil, was getting finishing touches. The secrets are now out since September '09 for all of us to profit from.

Carrying such evoking name as Délice de Malabar, Energie de la Vie, Plaisir de Princesse, Epeace & Love, Equilibre du Bien Etre etc., the mix has been carefully selected and blended by Anil keeping the qualities of individual spices in mind.

Call him a Masala Man or a Master of Spices, if you will, but Anil has made his mark on the French gourmet scene in his signature style! You can only come back with the delicious aroma of India after meeting him...



Association India Calling

29, Avenue de Stalingrad - Fontenay sous Bois
94120 Fontenay sous Bois
Tel: +33 (0) 6 34 49 54 66
Metro: Croix de Chavaux (Line 9) or Ch√Ęteau de Vincennes (Line 1)
10 minutes walk from both the stations.
RER A: Vincennes


Official website of India Calling

Official website of Les Secrets D'Anil


Photo Courtesy: Anil Abhimanyu Sharma/ India Calling and Les Secrets D'Anil