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Vikas Swarup - Indian under spotlight

Vikas Swarup - Indian under spotlight

Vikas Swarup is a not a new name to Paris and the French. Mr. Swarup floored his readership at the Salon du Livre, Paris in 2007. He was awarded the Grand Prix du Public- a public choice award in a poll conducted across 400 book stores.


Vikas Swarup

His first book 'Q&A' is a commercial best seller. 'Q&A' is available in French as 'Les fabuleuses aventures d'un Indien malchanceux qui devint milliardaire' from the prestigious Edition Belfond.


Based on a captivating story of a penniless waiter who goes on to win a quiz show à la 'Who wants to be a millionaire'. With Mumbai slums as its backdrop, the story strikes an instant chord with its readers who trace the journey of its protagonist through slums to jail via various flashbacks. Q&A has been translated in more than 36 languages, leaving behind a winning trail of several prestigious awards. Notable among them being the Commonwealth Writer's Prize (for the Best First Book).

It was also adapted by the BBC for a radio play that won several awards. The film adaptation of the book, Slumdog Millionaire, directed by Danny Boyle, is receiving critical acclaim across the Atlantic. It won People's choice award at the Toronto Film Festival the Best Film, Best Director, Most Promising Newcomer at the British Independent Film Awards 2008. The Film is releasing in cinemas in Paris area on Jan 14th, 2009**. Danny Boyle was in Paris on Dec 18th for an advance Premier and promotion of the movie. We look forward to seeing the film in Paris.


A diplomat by profession and a writer by choice, Mr. Swarup is currently based in Pretoria on his diplomatic mission. His second book, Six Suspects, is an on-the-edge murder mystery. Released in July 2008, it is available in books stores across the globe. French edition of the book will be available in 2009*.


The Gulf Times published an article titled 'Vikas Swarup is France's Favourite Indian Novelist' (Wed, Mar 28, 2007). Details available from the author's website.


We wish Vikas Swarup all the success and look forward to seeing him once again in Paris!


Visit Vikas Swarup's Official Website


*The title is available as 'Meurtre dans un jardin indien' from Edition Belfond from May 8th, 2010. ISBN-10: 2714445403. 481 pages. Price 21.50€

**The commercial success of the film combined with the awards galore at the Academy Awards, BAFTA and others is now history.