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Solidarity for Bombay in Paris

The Indians in Paris gathered last Thursday, the 4th December to show solidarity for the people of Mumbai. Lighting up candles on a wet evening with the Eiffel Tower as the background was poignant indeed. Sombre mood, a need for reaffirmation in our roots and that we stand together as a people was the underlining mood.


Mumbai Memorial Evening

We all felt emotional. Being so away from home, a feeling of helplessness in not being able to contribute actively to the structure of the society,

The mood was sombre and nostalgic. Mumbai Memorial Evening
Mumbai Memorial Evening With recent incident, all this seems like a far cry from the happy-go-lucky city we have come to know Mumbai as.
More than two hundred people were present on this wet evening in a show of solidarity and support.Mumbai Memorial Evening

Mumbai Memorial Evening

A concern for all our kindred folks marks moments like these.

Mumbai, for me, has always been a city very close to my heart. This summer on our trip to India, we had decided to look at Mumbai as tourists. We have good souvenirs of our afternoon at the Hotel Taj, lazily fighting the slumber with a nice, masala cuppa and a cheese cake, soaking in the view of the Majestic Gateway of India, the small boats lined across and the Arabian Sea.


This poster at Juhu called for attention for it captures the spirit of Mumbai .

Mumbai Meri Jaan

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