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Swimming Pools in Paris

Swimming Pools in Paris

More than 38 swimming pools and 2 nautical bases in Paris offer the possibility to practise one's favourite water sports be it swimming, aqua-gym, diving, canoeing, kayak, rowing or sailing. There exist 10 basins for school children as well.


Competition swimming pool- Rufino Uribe

© Rufino Uribe. Creative Commons Attribution

Out of these 38 swimming pools, 23 are equipped to receive handicapped persons or those with reduced mobility. More than 20 swimming pools are open up to 8 PM at least once in a week; 14 swimming pools (notably Josephine Baker with more than 300 places, Saint Merri, ...) have solarium or sun-rooms for sunbathing; and 6 swimming pools (Keller, Auteuil, Hébert,...)  are turned open-air during summer months.


The first swimming pool in Paris was opened by the French Society of Nautical Gymnastics (Société Française de Gymnastique Nautique) in 10th district at rue du Château Landon. Piscine Rouvet followed in 1889 (and still exists !) . It was not until 1920s that the notion of swimming and public baths was separated with the swimming pool of the Butte aux Cailles (75013). In 2009, the city of Paris opened its 38th swimming pool.


Easily accessible at a nominal price, the Parisian swimming pools offer options ranging from single entry to quarterly subscriptions from 1.70€- 37€ respectively. Most of these pools offer aquatic activities such as aqua gym, swimming lessons for individuals or groups etc. at an additional fees. Concession fees is applicable to children, large families etc. The use of cloak room is free once the entry is paid for. Cloak rooms in some of the swimming pools have lockers and some others have baskets to store one's clothes, shoes etc. One is not allowed to wear shoes inside the cloak room, however, one may wear beach sandals or slippers. It is also essential to wear swim cap, swim goggles and of course, a swim suit. Some swimming pools do not accept swimming trunks or shorts and only swimming briefs are permitted for men.


For one's own protection and for others, certain rules of hygiene need to be observed to profit from such public amenities. The access to swimming pool is usually through the showers and the foot bath (French: pédiluve) where it is necessary to take a shower (preferably with soap) and wash the feet before entering the pool. Other code of general decorum such as not bringing food, drinks or alcohol etc. are to be observed. Mostly, the telephone use is restricted to cases of emergency. Giving tips to swimming pool staff is not allowed.


In the matter of quality and hygiene of the water in its pools, Paris municipality assures the cleanliness and maintenance of swimming pools that are subjected to quality control on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. The results of tests done on individual pool's water are available with the pool authorities. The swimming pools are emptied twice in a year for complete cleaning, brushing and disinfection. Water in the pool is treated with chlorine and filtered in closed circuit on a 24 hours basis. Each person in the swimming pool means 30 litres of water to be renewed per day.


Most of the swimming pools in Paris are open every day except on public holidays. Suzanne Berlioux (75001), Pontoise (75005), Roger Le Gall (75012), Joséphine Baker (75013), Keller (75015), Champerret (75017), Pailleron (75019), Hermant (75019) and Georges Vallerey (75020) are some of the pools that may be open during public holidays. However, before leaving for a pool, it is recommended to check the opening hours/ day of the pool as some may be closed during Mondays, or for renovation or emptying.


Opening hours and addresses of all Paris swimming pools can be consulted from Paris municipality website.