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Paris and Films

Paris and Films

Paris has appeared in countless films of Hollywood to Bollywood passing through the French cinema, of course. Each year, more than 650 film shoots take place in more than 4,000 outdoor locations of Paris. Paris landmarks and landscapes have appeared in films, television soaps, advertisements, documentaries, short films etc. made by French and the foreigners alike.


Film Shooting


As the just released film 'Adèle BlancSec' by Luc Besson takes the viewers on a trip to Paris of 1912, let us look at the relation of Paris with the 7th art.


Some notable films with Paris in their titles

'The Hunchback of Notre dame' aka 'Notre Dame de Paris' (1923); 'Paris qui Dort' (1923); 'Ten Days in Paris' (1940); 'An American in Paris' (1951); 'Funny Face' (1957) aka 'Kär i Paris' (Sweden); 'Last Tango in Paris' (1971); 'Chinese in Paris' (1974); 'Paris, Texas' (1984); 'French Kiss' (1995) aka 'Paris Match'; 'Forget Paris' (1995); 'Notre Dame de Paris' (1999); 'Rugrats in Paris: The movie' (2000); 'The Dreamers' (2003) aka 'Paris 68' (working title UK); 'Banlieu 13' (2004); 'Paris, je t'aime' (2006); '2 days in Paris' (2007); 'Taken' (2008) aka 'Teroare in Paris' ; 'Kissing Paris' (2008); 'Paris' (2008); 'From Paris with Love' (2010) ...


Hollywood and other international Films shot in Paris

Some notable films from Hollywood and international cinema that were shot in Paris are 'The Man on the Eiffel Tower' (1949); 'An American in Paris' (1951); François Truffaut's 'The Four Hundred Blows' (1959); Blake Edward's 'The Great Race' (1965); 'The Night of the Generals' (1967); Bernard Bertolucci's 'The Conformist' (1970); 'Last Tango in Paris' (1971); 'Sweet Movie' (1974); 'The American Friend' (1977); Roger Moore's James Bond film 'Moonraker' (1979); 'Superman II' (1980); 'James Bond 007: A View to Kill' (1985); Roman Polanski's Harrison Ford starrer 'Frantic' (1988); 'French Kiss' (1995); 'Forget Paris' (1995); Bruce Willis starrer 'Armageddon' (1998); 'Ronin' (1998); Matt Damon starrer 'The Bourne Identity' (2002); 'Big Fish' (2003); 'Before Sunset' (2004); Steven Spielberg's 'Munich' (2005); 'Les Poupées Russes' (2005); Tarsem Singh's 'The Fall' (2006); Tom Hanks starrer Ron Howard's 'Da Vinci Code' (2006); 'Paris, je t'aime' (2006); 'The Devil wears Prada' (2006); ''Superman II' (2006); 2 days in Paris' (2007); 'The Bourne Ultimatum' (2007); 'Rush Hour 3' (2007); 'Mr. Bean's Holiday' (2007); 'Paris' (2008); Josiane Balasko's 'Client' (2008); 'An Education' (2009); Italian film 'Ex' (2009); 'From Paris with Love' (2010); Johnny Depp-Angelina Jolie starrer 'The Tourist' (2011); etc....


Bollywood Films shot in Paris

Bollywood has been courting Paris for decades now. Readers may remember Shammi Kapoor- Sharmila Tagore starrer 'An Evening in Paris' (1967) that was shot extensively in Paris. Lately, there have been Farhan Akhtar's ShahRukh Khan starrer 'Don' (2006); 'Jhoom Barabar Jhoom' (2007); Salman Khan starrer 'London Dreams' (2009) with landscapes of Paris in the background. Sanjay Gadhvi's film '7 days in Paris' might just be the next Bollywood flick that will largely be shot in Paris.


Film Shooting in Paris

Considering that shooting in Paris generates employments for technical and non-technical persons from Paris and its surrounding region, not to mention a showcase on a domestic or international platform, the city of Paris helps film makers in their ventures by simplifying the procedure for granting the authority to shoot in its locales. If the shooting involves less than 10 persons, authorisation is required only from the Perfecture of Police. For any shooting that requires more than 10 persons, the city corporation grants its authorisation in addition.


Shooting in the streets of Paris is free whereas shooting indoors or on location of museums, gardens, parks, stadiums, swimming pools etc. involves a charge stipulated by the Council of Paris. Professionals who wish to shoot in Paris can consult the bilingual English- French website created by the city of Paris to help and guide them in their line of action, conditions and authorisation for shooting. The website also includes details on roadworks or parking conditions for various streets in Paris. Refer to the Paris Films Website- www.parisfilm.fr/uk/.


Short Films

Given the French panache for cinematic arts, the city of Paris also encourages short films to be made in the capital in addition to the big budget mainstream films, documentaries or photography.


Each year, Paris invites candidature from cinematographic or audio-visual production houses based in France for supporting their projects of short films of less than 60 mn duration and shot principally in Paris. Once selected, the project is granted a financial support of 20,000€ in partnership with CNC- Centre National de la Cinématographie. The selected films are also sub-titled and shown in International festivals in partnership with Unifrance. Further information from Cinema Paris Website or +33 (0) 1 44 54 19 60


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