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Monthly E-motions- April of Royal Indians

From the modern day crowning of Indians in the World Cup Cricket to the nawabs of yore who ruled the princely courts of North India, the month is replete with retrospective of Indian history in the 18th-19th century and a contemporary look at some of the cities involved  with the Indian season at Guimet Museum. A rich programme with exhibition, photo exhibitions, conferences, and films built around the theme are the highlights of the month.


Exhibition- Lucknow- A Royal Court in India


With a royal theme, it is only pertinent that Bollywood Maharadjahs, from a family steeped in music for more than 12 generations, patronised by the erstwhile royal courts of Rajasthan, be our Indians under spotlight this month.


Exhibition Lucknow- A Royal Court of India XVIIIth- XIXth century in the main stream art world of Paris is a major event bringing spotlight to one of Indian's ancient city with a rich cultural heritage derived from its Mughal sovereigns and interactions with European visitors. Renowned Italian photographer Antonio Maritelli's Photo exhibition- Lucknow: in the mirror of time gives us a view of and puts a question on the restoration of the architectural splendours and landscapes of Lucknow of yesterday and today. India based French photographer Laurent Goldstein brings out the sublime of another ancient living city with his Photo Exhibition- Essences of Benares. Exhibitions Patachitra of Bengal and Indian troupes in France continue for a few days this month.


The month also coincides with the publication of Kenizé Mourad's novel on Lucknow: The City of Gold and Silver.Meet the author and find out his views in the conference Lucknow: In the city of gold and silver. Delve deeper into the history of Lucknow with The Annexation of the State of Awadh in 1857. Legion d'honneur Dileep Padgaonkar gives a Great Witness of contemporary India in his conference while Douglas Gressieux , president of Association Comptoir des Indes will talk about the historical subject of Indian Soldiers in France: 1914-1918. Conferences The Religious Minorities in India: The Jains and The religious minorities in India- the same cause? will question the minority religions, their identity and status in secular India.


Conitnuing the Indian season of Guimet is the rich film program from classics such as Satyajit Ray's Shatranj ke Khiladi based in Awadh itself to contemporary cinema with Jodha Akbar. Other insightful documentaries bring the richness to understanding Indian life from a closer distance with - Two films on Taj Mahal, The Last life of Nirmala, Mahboub, the path of a fakir and Salman Rushdie: Rendezvous in New York- author's first interview in the open since his fatwa. Screening of Tamil film 'Raam' in the presence of its director and actor is also on the agenda.


Exhibiton Lucknow: in the mirror of time by Antonio Maritelli


One of the heavy-weights of Hindustani classical music and inventor of the Vichitra Veena- Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt is in concert this month. Complementing the concert is Flute recital by Shashank and Qawwali- Traditional Sufi Music with Ensemble Baccha Delhi Gharana of Karachi. Other concerts of classical music include Bansuri Recital by Guillaume Barraud, Sarod by Apratim Majumdar and Kengo Saito's Sitar Concert. For classical dance recitals, there is Odissi dance recital by exponent Saswat Joshi, Advaita- Bharatnatyam recital and Bharatnatyam recital by Magali.


Plunge into the heart of an Indian fair with Festival of India at Mée sur Seine and Indian day for the benefit of Ingrid Nava Jeevana Orphanage. Learn the practical aspects of Indian sensibility with workshop Yog'Arts, Persian Calligraphy by Bahman Panahi and Workshop: Sari or the Art of Indian Drape. Indian tale narration- The king and the corpse and Story telling- in the mirror of the soul on Krishna's childhood will take young audiences to mythological India.