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Monthly E-motions- March of Feminine Power

This is the month of celebration of womanhood and of the achievements of women in different domains. At IIP, we honour and salute women everywhere this month with a rich and diverse program on and by Indian women- Amrita Shergill, Vaibhavi Merchant, Radhika Jha and Brigitte Chataignier to name some...


Festival Cinérail


River Ganges is the epitome of Indian femininity- mother, goddess and nourisher. No less than three different programs pay her homage this month. Ganga- Dance creation by Brigitte Chataignier, documentary film Water/ Ganga by artist Velu Vishwanadhan and an Evening of documentary films on Ganga by Patrice Chagnard and Jothiammal Nagar.



India is the country of honour in the 19th edition of the Festival Cinérail. Various Indian and Western films by notable film makers will be screened as part of the festival- India by Song, La Route des Indes, Train to Pakistan, Apur Sansar by Satyajit Ray, Gandhi, Saathiya, Darpan ke Peeche, Sholay, Dil Se, Parineeta, Swaham and Nocturne Indien among others.


Radhika Jha's 'Lantern on their horns'

Tokyo based Indian author Radhika Jha will be in Paris for presentation and book signing of her latest 'Lanterns on their horns' while Frédéric Landy will sign his book Dictionary of India. For those looking to get closer to Indian culture, there is the Workshop Yog'Arts to bring together the body-spirit equilibrium to understanding the arts and a workshop to discover Indian dances of Kerala with Brigitte Chataignier and Michel Lestrehann.


Like in February, Guimet musuem continues to have a documentaries on India on various subjects throughout the month. Paris India: Sketches and Canvasses shows the portraits of four artist friends with their different paths. Artist Velu Vishwanadhan's journey through 5 elements continues with Water/ the Ganges, Agni/ Feu, Air / Vayu and finally ends with Ether/ Akaash. Part 2 and 3 of the documentaries 'Indiscreet' by young Indian film makers - Family portraits and Tales of Yesterday and Today with a documentary on Amrita Shergil- an Indian rhapsody will complete Guimet offering for the month.



On classical musical front, enjoy Sitar by Hindol Deb at Guimet museum. On dance front, we will see modern dance with Akram Khan's dance creation Vertical Road and Indian classical dance with Dances of Manipur as part of the ongoing Festival de l'Imaginare. Choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant's musical The Fabulous Story of Bollywood is back to Paris for a few days.


Visual and Sound Exhibition « A Musical Exchange » has photographs on India with a musical background score whereas the painted rolls of Bengal's story-tellers come to Paris with the Exhibition- Patachitra of Bengal.


This month also marks the 81st anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's Salt March. Photo Exhibition- Mines de Sel ref: Mahatma Gandhi's Salt March and Gandhi: Father of India's independence commemorate Father of Nation. Indian and French military collaboration at the turn of 20th century is discussed in Indian troupes in France. 2011 is the Overseas year (l'année d'outre mer). Conference The Overseas Indians looks at the Indians abroad.


March 5th is the beginning of the Tibetan new year. The Tibetan community in Paris is proposing a host of  programs to immerse oneself in the culture of 'the roof of the world'- Tibetan evening at Cinema la Clef will present two films on the subject along with refreshments. Letters of Alexandra David-Néel, reading and music complement the subject of Exhiibition- Himalayas, in the footsteps of Alexandra David Neel by Priscilla Telmon, Festival- Tibetan evening of Losar has dance, music, calligraphy, mandala and other traditional arts of Tibet followed by a buffet dinner. We, at IIP, wish all Tibetans and everyone a happy and peaceful new year.

Soirée Tibet


Here's wishing everyone a happy March and spring solstice !