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Monthly E-motions- Festive October

This is the month of Festival- be it Sharadotsav- the Autumn festival of India House or the autumn festival of Paris where four Indian music masters are doing us proud or the Cinema festival bringing Satyajit Ray treasures to the Parisian public or even the Carnatic Nights- South Indian music festival hosted by Centre Mandapa at Theatre du Soleil.


Lune Poddar and Ashimbandhu Bhattacharya


Sharadotsav will culminate in the grand puja of the 9th day of Navratra followed by cultural programs and dinner. Beautiful idols of Goddess Durga don the Salle Indira Gandhi for four days.


The retrospective of Satyajit Ray's films continues throughout the month with the Worlds of Satyajit Ray at Guimet Museum. Southern super star Rajnikanth's much awaited film 'Endhiran- the robot' has two special screenings- at Evry and at Savigny le Temple in Paris suburbs. Association Nagin is organising a special screening of John Abraham's 'Jhootha hi Sahi'. Autumn Festival of Paris has four Indian masters two of whom will perform this month- Vijay Venkat with flute and vichitra veena and O.S.Arun with carnatic singing.

The month promises a host of cultural events and learnings as the rentrée gets into full gear. There will be bharatnatyam by Mallika Thalak at the Centre Mandapa where Luna Poddar and Ashimbandhu Bhattacharya will perform kathak at Guimet Museum. The Nights of Carnatic is an exceptional program of overnight concert of Carnatic music with participation of several artists from India present at the Theatre du Soleil. Centre Mandapa puts accent on traditional music of North India with the concerts of Shahid & Mossim Kawa; Javed & Latif Khan and Madhubanti Sarkar. Not to miss Raghunath Manet in veena concert.


Musical practice of tabla for the season 2010-11 will start this month at Cité de la Musique. For those wishing to hone their skills in Punjabi Bhangra dances can look forward to two courses- by Nirmal Singh, professional dancer-choreographer and with the Bolly Deewani.

Satyajit Ray

Katha Upanishad will be discussed by GRFI's Hari Hara Iyer. Intellectual stimulation also comes from presentation and discussion at four book signing events at the Association les Comptoir des Indes bringing the focus to the books being written with Indian subjects-Joelle Weeks' 'Représentations européennes de l'Inde du XVII au XIXème siècle'; Benedicte Manier's 'Quand les femmes auront disparu, l’élimination des filles en Inde et en Asie'; Chantal Jumel's 'Kôlam Kalam – Peintures rituelles éphémères de l’Inde du Sud' and 'La modernité littéraire indienne'. The sexuality in India analysed by Sudhir Kakar and compared with the sexuality in the West by Vincent Cespedes in The Gap: Others and Us.


For other cultural events, there is the iconic Vendanges Festival of Montmartre with free wine tasting, concerts, no-demands of marriage....Exhibitions on retrospective of Claude Monet's works; France 1500- between middle ages and renaissance; Charlotte Bonaparte- princess and artist and Yamina Houachi's Fragments of Light are highlights of this month.


Everyone's loving Amma will be in Paris for her annual tour of darshan.


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May all of us be happy !


Yours etc.