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Monthly E-motions- June of Evolving Arts

Monthly E-motions- June of Evolving Arts

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The month of June promises to be exciting with some stalwarts of Indian traditional and popular culture coming to Paris for their respective performances.


Sooraj Nambiar as Dushyanta in Kuttiyattam


We also dedicate this month to Kuttiyattam- the oldest surviving theatre of Sanskrit. Readers will have an opportunity to see the reinterpretation of Kalidas's Shakuntala with the Natana Kairali Theatre presented in a single exceptional show that will last for seven hours !


Flute maestro Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia's Concert will be held in the first week whereas his nephew Rakesh Chaurasia will follow in his footsteps later with four percussionists- Subhankar Banerjee, Satish Kumar Patri, Suresh Vaidyanathan and Gopal Barman as part of Sacred Tamboors of India.


These are the last few days of the exhibition Indian Miniature Paintings. Enjoy the watercolours of the Bengali artist in Exhibition by Dilip Das. Other Indian theme exhibitions continue throughout the month among which Other Masters of India will be free on June 11th for the general public. VĂ©ronique Durruty presents her Photo Exhibition: Holi : A pinch of colour in India on her Indian holi experience. Discover Pakistan: the end of the ancient world at Guimet museum.


This month, several conferences will put accent on Hinduism in Question and ancient Pakistan of Gandhara seen from China. Join the lovers of Indian cinema, notably Bollywood, in a Forum on Music & Cinema in India. Live the cinematic experience from Pakistan with the Screening of film 'Pardesi', Documentary film 'Laatoo' and film 'Shimshal.


On vocal front, reknowned vocalist duo of Rajan & Sajan Mishra will be in concert this month. Amitabh Bachchan pays homage to his father and poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan in a recital of his poems at Théatre des Champs Elysées. Ensemble Sewak Dhadi Jatha and Nizami Bandhu will present Sikh Singing and Qawwali. Audrey Arul Premkumar is the musician in world music at the Concert-Promenade: India - a music saloon of the Cité de la Musique.

  Amitabh Bachchan in Paris


Cité de la Musique will also play host to various events in their India-Bollywood cycle that puts accent on fusion of various cultures. Bollywood Flashback unites 20 artists including the Terence Lewis dance company, Angeli and Sohail Kaul's singing and Shiva Aka's choreography. Mix the classical sounds of sitar and tabla with new age artists such as Talvin Singh, Niladri Kumar and other and we have the Sizero Tabla Experience. Johnny Kalsi's The Dhol Foundation and Ensemble Sitar Funk will bring Punjabi beats of Bhangra Diaspora- Dhol & Sitar Funk. World music scene will see Oud singing with Shyamal Maitra on tabla.


Natya- dance from Assam
Hemant accroupi par Mathias Coulange

Folk artists from India- the Manjuli dancing monks from Assam and the Gotipua dancers from Orissa will perform in Natya- Sacred dances of Assam & Orissa whereas students of Bharatnatyam at the Association Comptoirs des Indes will present Bharatnayam Performance.


Long live Indian cuisine as there are quite a few workshops this month by Anil Sharma- Monsoon Wedding Dinner, Dinner with Friends and Bollywood Brunch. Finally, there is a Book presentation & signing by author Martine Van Woerkens of her work 'nous ne sommes pas des fleurs' on feminist movement in India.


Enjoy !