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Monthly E-motions- Indian February

Monthly E-motions- Indian February

February agenda is heavily charged with Indian events in Paris. Among others, Centre d'animation at Bercy and Montgallet are celebrating India: Festivals and traditions throughout the month with various programs to discover India and its culture.


India: Festivals & Traditions

Exhibitions Voyage in India at Montgallet and The Relinquishers at Bercy will run throughout the month exposing India in its myriad faces. On the same theme, there will be a projection of short movie The Relinquishers. The centre at Montgallet will propose Indian cultural courses for all levels- in dance, be it classical or bollywood style with Indian Ocean, Indian martial art of Kalaripayat, Yoga and Colouring Mandalas. Indian Ocean and Anwar Khan group will present Orchestra of Rajasthan in concert. Youngsters can enjoy 2 Kathputli Shows- the Marriage of Kalawati. Children and young adults can also enjoy short, initiation courses, at Bercy or Montgallet,  in Indian dances, yoga, painting, music, civilisation, museum visit during their winter vacations. 


Short on the Bollywood footsteps are two programs charged with dance and music from the troupe of Bollywood Maharadjahs- Dinner and Show at Palais de Punjab and Valentine Evening with Bollywood Maharadjahs. For those would like to learn the bollywood dance, Association Bolly Deewani is offering a weekend of Bolly-Kathak Course with Indian choreographer Nikita. For the lovers of Indian Cinema, Association Les Comptoirs des Indes proposes a conference on Indian Cinema by Nadine Tabouriech. 


For intellectual stimulation, there is an interesting conference on the Large Ruminants of India: Animals and Communities by Jean- Maurice Duplan.There are two other conferences-Global Histoy of Colonisation: Petrol and Jinnah and Pakistan: Dreams and Reality exploring further the subject of global impact in Asia and of Jinnah in the creation of Pakistan. 


Shifting our focus away from India, there will be a lovely concert-show at Museum Guimet titled 'Finally I go back' - an artistic interpretation of a Chinese poem and scenography involving a tea banquet putting emphasis on relation of man with nature. Talking of which, there is a trade fair Well Being- Alternative medicines and spa in the first week of February. Another trade fair Sandwich and Snack Show of Paris addresses itself to the professional and enterpreneurs of fast-food and small restaurants business. Month end will open to the hugely popular Salon de l'Agriculture where as many as 700,000 visitors make to the stands. 


This month is bringing some interesting exhibitions on Paris to town- Inundated Paris 1910 recounts the story of the spectacular inundation of Paris in 1910, Paris - Radiating City is putting spotlight on some of the vestiges and edifices from 13th century todate from the old quartier of Saint-Michel Notre Dame, Sainte Chapelle etc. Yet another exhibition Paris- Buildings & Monuments 1948/2009 turns the radar to the architecture of some of the most famous monuments and buildings of the period.  


 Paris Inondé 1910
Here's reminding our readers that starting February 14th is the Chinese new year of Tiger. Wishing everyone well and hoping that you will make the most of India in Paris.

Yours etc.